The Windows Phone Update Is Cooking

We look forward to sharing with you an update for Windows Phone in April. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback on what our main priorities should be and we greatly appreciate your input and enthusiasm.

In the first release this year, we’ll focus on getting the app up to date so that we have a solid foundation to build new features and a killer app on. This is planned to include better stability, updated navigation and design, ability to run in background, two-way history sync and some additional improvements.

After that, we will be ready to prioritize more new functionality. The feature requests so far concentrate around motivation types (especially interval training and goal settings), heart rate integration, audio coach improvements and training plans.

Feel free to put in your 5 cents in the comments if you haven’t yet. Thank you for your support.

65 thoughts on “The Windows Phone Update Is Cooking

  1. I love to make cycle trips, but usually i go to places i don’t know the way, and it got a bit messy. When i go to another app to see if the route is right, endomondo stops recording and only resume when i get back to it’s screen.
    It should be great if we have on wp8 the same “follow route” that we have on the others platforms (ios and android), so i’ll need only with one single app (endomondo), with no interferences.


  2. I got Endomondo update for my lumia 625 just view minutes ago. User interface looks pretty but i didnt show HRM options yet? I would be very happy if I could see the possibility in with endomondo and windows phone. btw. I can connect my polar hrm (H7 bluetooth smart) with micoach app.

  3. I’m also waiting for the april-release, however i’m afraid my trainingsplan is not synced with the windowsphone in this update. I’m using a garmin and trying to remember the training during the run, but this difficult with intervals and short strides

  4. All of my Win8 friends have gone to Runtastic. I’ve been holding out hoping that Win8 Endomondo will be as good or better than my Blackberry (2 years ago). The minute I see a real update I’ll gladly pay for the PRO version.
    Been waiting on purchasing a bluetooth HR Monitor.
    Routes – Would be great to run my routes or others routes
    Ghost feature so I can see if I am ahead or behind on my route
    Interval training alerts – user adjusted. Let me adjust the frequency.
    Win8 Glance Lock Screen – Show my Speed or Pace – Battery Saver

  5. any news on the release schedule? As I’m running with sensors I’m actually using micoach but I’d also like to give endomondo a chance again.
    Is the beta still running? then I’d like to join :)

  6. When I use the application in off-line mode, there is no notification of completed upload of the workout.
    I use version on Lumia 620.

  7. Me too waiting for update :) I Just bought my first heart meter Zephyr. But realize that my endomondo not supporting it. So I will not go PRO on it, And I’m afraid I will leave endomondo for while now.

  8. I downloaded the new Beta App and it looks really good. It looks amazing and is faster now. One small change that could be made is to include the “map” option in the tracking/main screen along with the other ‘current’ information, probably next to the start/stop button. Also the GPS icon could be made red/yellow/green colored depending on the signal strength.

  9. What about the Endomondo-App on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 RT. On both platforms there are still no updates or refreshes. I hope you will change this too?!

  10. Great app! Thank you guys!

    Feature dream list:
    – relative fitness assessment (like Polar Running Index) with race time predictor for HRM users
    – manual training plan editing and plan vs actual stats
    – training zone alerts


  11. Thanks for including Win-Phone in Your family, as it is now, i think making a New fundament a good idea, and i am looking forward for new realeses in the future.
    Windows Phone has alot more users now, and it is a very stable platform.
    Have a Nice day!

  12. I would love to see iplementation both Bluetooth and ANT+ support for HR and other sensors, with that and this planned interval training feature you’d be number 1 as far asm i’m concerned.
    Good luck.

  13. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to not have to listen to the same playlist from the exact same point every time I run. I know there was an explanation about way this is the case but other running apps manage to enable song/playlist selection. However Endomondo is my favourite running app of all the ones I’ve tried, I just wish little things like this could be cleared up.

    1. Hi, yes, should be early April hopefully. The beta version should be done in about 2 weeks, would you like to test it? Thanks

      1. Feature dream list:
        – relative fitness assessment (like Polar Running Index) with race time predictor for HRM users
        – manual training plan editing and plan vs actual stats
        – training zone alerts

    2. I am up to test it anytime. :) WP8 user now and WP for years now…
      Hope the basics include not stopping music any longer…

  14. Thank you for further developing an Endomondo app for the win phone platform with new features. If you need app testers I would be happy to help.

  15. Hi. I use your app for hicking and the one thing really missing is climing. Up, down and current altitude. Runtastic has this feature, but I like Endomondo alot.

    Endomondo is still one of my favorit apps on my WP8!

  16. Hi. I like your app and I have suggestions:
    – voices of coach could be in other languages,
    – translate to Polish have some bugs (small) eg. “Mozezs” – should be “Możesz”, “zacznij” – should be “odtwarzaj”, “kod” – should be “przypnij”, “dodać” – should be “komentarz”,
    – could be backup/restore option in the cloud for app (for trainings we have on the serwer),
    – could be support for training belts (kardio) via bluetooth,
    On that moment thats all. ;-)

  17. Heart rate integration and audio coach improvements? Could this really mean we finally see the possibility to define target training zones with min and max HR values and alerts when crossing them?

    Also, training plans is a neat concept but completely useless for people who cannot run. Could updates to training plans reach out to cyclists as well?

  18. Two things would be absolutely fantastic (and not too tough to implement I guess):

    1) lap times – by default 1km for everything often does not make sense (eg. swimming)
    2) average pace per 100m for swimming added aside DISTANCE, DURATION, AVG. SPEED etc.

    Is that possible (probable)?

  19. hi folks, on the blackberry version of endomondo, there was a music setting that allowed me to listen to music tracks – will this feature come over to the iPhone version?

  20. Great program, but needs some work:

    Software tweaks: altitude readings are out of whack.

    They show me riding from 200 ft to 76 elevation – while google earth says altitude change is about 20 foot, maximum (74-95 ft).

    And my start altitude is different from my end altitude, both on my back porch.

  21. This is fantastic. Might be reason to go premium! The extra stability will be good. Looking forward to HR. With two-way history sync, how about integration with Healthvault, Fitbit, or even Strava?

  22. As a professional developer myself I understand that developing safe and well structured code can take some time so I’m not going to complain that you first want to have a refresh of the WP8 app. However, what I am going to complain about is that it takes you one whopping year to do so!
    It’s not strange of course, as WP8 is a marginal market compared to iOS and Android and that your ROI for the WP8 platform will most likely won’t really be something to speak home about.

    But I had hoped that since Endomondo is an Ltd that employs numerous people who offer a product in a competitive market, which is used worldwide you would have the courage to provide better support for WP8 than other companies. It are companies like you that need to help build the WP platform. Endomondo is still an ltd. first and foremost that needs to make a profit but still, being able to state that you offer good support for at least the top 3 mobile platforms can help boost your name and thus your profits, no?

  23. Can’t wait for HR integration! I’m holding off buying a Bluetooth HR monitor until this is available. Keep it up Endo team!!

  24. Ill be happy for the core to be right before any additional features are added, the app works well at the moment when on the go, then I get home and access the main features on my PC.
    I hope you are working on the Windows 8 app too?

    1. Point well made. Now that currently is plain awful. Decent thing about the Win platforms and frameworks these days is it’s easier to reuse and share code. I’d like to see some Win 8 app love!

  25. Jorg, strange comment.. Windows phone version has less support because it just has smaller market. Its understandable that endomondo team is focused on other tasks.
    Thank for the support, im using your app for cycling and am glad that wp has it!

  26. Music integration has to get better be it integration into the app or just functionality that allows any current music to continue playing with pauses for commentary. It’s a must for me. This alone pushed me to use another app for my runs. Hoping I can get back on board with Endomondo following this upcoming release!

    1. Yeah, I’m a new user to this app (used Runtastic before) and don’t like and don’t understand the music integreation. Will the new version support my playlists etc?

  27. Hi Endomondo team,

    Thanks for your feedback but I can not believe what you have written. I’m very disappointed. At beginning January you announced an update for WP in April and you asked us for ideas for the next WP version. Now (one and a half months later) I have to read that the next version won’t include any features that we wanted. You need 4 months to include better stability, new navigation and design? You release every month an update with great features for iPhone and android. Why do you need so long for WP?

    Sorry, but I can not understand that.

    1. Hi, thanks for reaching out. I understand your disappointment that there will be no fancy features in the upcoming release. But they are coming, once we take care of all hidden aspects which are so important for the future development of the Windows Phone app. We wish we could deliver faster, but features like two-way history sync cannot be done overnight. Thanks for your patience, we’ll make sure the new releases on Windows Phone feel like they were worth waiting for.

      1. But, I’m looking forward to the next release and I hope the priority is now higher for WP. I use endomondo for more than 3 years and I have also a premium account but to be able to use all the great features, I have to use a cheaper android device. That is not nice and I would be delighted to be able to use my own Windows Phone device to track all my activities. Thanks.

      2. Hi,

        Elevation data is displayed in workout summary(both app and web) after the workout. You cannot see the elevation data during the workout.


    2. I look forward to an update – but most especially the ability to use a heart rate monitor. The first app to support a heart rate monitor will get my love. It would be a nice touch to acknowledge the existence of a WP app on your site as well…. it’s so weird that so many devs have WP apps – but don’t acknowledge them on their sites.

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