Introducing Pages on Endomondo

We’re always looking for new ways to inspire you and your training. This time, we reached beyond our team to pull great sources of inspiration closer to you. Meet our newest addition: Pages.

Pages are new social hubs on Endomondo, which are run independently by brands, athletes or other interest groups, who are excited to engage with you. You can follow them by LIKING them and they will spark up your workouts, challenge you and keep you motivated.

We’ve found some sports oriented brands to kick this off with. Among others, we’d like to mention our friends at Powerade who have chosen to inspire athletes and footballers around the world, by teaming up with Andrés Iniesta and six amateur athletes for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Go like the Powerade page to follow them and the exciting challenges they will be hosting throughout spring, with a chance to win a number of prizes, including tickets to experience the FIFA World Cup™ Tournament live in Brazil!

Check out the pages below and let us know what other brands you would like to engage with in the comments.




11 thoughts on “Introducing Pages on Endomondo

  1. Hey Endomondo…I am working on a website for sportspeople and would like to have an Endomondo page. When and how will this be possible? I love your service and would love to spend even more time here :-)

  2. Is this some kind of joke?
    You guys have a whole bunch of highly requested features and updates in your forums, real feedback from users. And Endomondo is wasting resources on stuff like this?
    A football/powerade page? Endomondo is most used by runners, how is this even relevant?

    Get your act together, Endo…

  3. How can I UNfollow a page? you’ve automatically subscribed me to some and it’s annoying as it pops up in my feed… dumb!

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