Coming Soon: Some Windows Phone Love


WP announcement
As you have surely noticed if you have a Windows Phone, it has been a while since we last updated Endomondo on this platform. We’re happy to share with you that we will soon bring new features to the Windows Phone app. We expect the first release to come out in April and more will follow after that.

We invite you to help us prioritize. While we understand that you probably want the same feature set as we have on iOS and Android, we can’t deliver everything at once. We need to do this in phases and that’s why we’re asking for your opinion. So, mentioning one thing only, what should be our top priority on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for your patience and continued support – and please keep the feedback coming at

346 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Some Windows Phone Love

  1. for me it is already tired and I’m angry …. use your endomondo since the month of April, the beginning was as if good, even had times when your program lost GPS signal …
    During the last month of your program it is at all a disaster ..!
    1) very poor GPS signal
    workout distance during signal regularly and continuously disappears, it regularly manually turn on at the same moment my smartphone finds my location ..
    2) often signal disappears altogether and appear absolutely senseless version of Endomondo Premium advertising with an offer to purchase Premium, it appears my regular workout time and interferes with my training process, of course Endomondo GPS off at this point and misleading to me about the number of kilometers walked and my speed workout distance. I hope that, do not you understand that even if I made at the beginning of an opportunity to buy it, then after the last problem was not going to do it and sorry for the expression not buying shit …
    Of course you you strive to assert that there is a poor Latvian Internet and blame my operator LMT, but we here everything is ok – 4G is already long and the Internet is much faster than for example in Copenhagen or wherever you are in there …
    EU very seriously considering to withdraw from you and test mode already started using services …

  2. I have a problem: I van’t see the workouts on the computer. Why? What can I do??
    Help me please!

  3. In the history section, there is no need to have a running symbol and then the activity listed as running beside it. I think it would be better to be able to type my route or title for my reference.

  4. Please correct pace and speed count in audio training, as this now is the same for example 2,5 min/h and would be usefule to have this 2m30s per km and with speed 20km/h

  5. Witam,jestem Waszym klientem.Biegam od jednego m-ca.Chę zapłacić premium.Ale nie mam karty kredytowej.Mam tylko płatniczą.Wysłałem do Was już sporo e-mail.Mam częściowo zablokowaną swoję stronę.I do not have a credit card.I only have a debit card.How do I pay you.Please help me.Thank you.

  6. Hi I am missing the Feature in the Windows Phone App the possibility to fight against your last run. That is tue reason why I Change the App and go to MiCoach. Let me know when this Feature is implemented than I will come back to Endomondo.

    Best regards

  7. It would be nice if I could chose music before I go out and run. My windows phone always play the last audio book I listened to. It doesn´t help to play some music. The app still always chese the audio book.

  8. 1. GPS sampling too rare (too slow) for mountain biking, as result the distance is off by about 10% (ascend/descend is off as well)
    2. Auto-Pause on WP 8 not working
    3. need to add pics to my trail, please

  9. I would like the opportunity to add a picture to the workout directly from the app. (I have a great camera on my Lumia phone)

  10. I am missing the Funktion “Beat Youssef”. On my old Android I had THIS Funktion but not on the Windows Phone App. That is the reason I am not use Endomondo anymore and Switch to MiCoach.

  11. Good news, i am running now a lumia 1520 on wp8.1.
    The issue i want to raise is the screen logo, could You plz change the color white to transparant, since wp8.1 displays a photo behind it and it looks awfull the app button. Have placed it in a map and not on the homescreen because of it.

  12. Obviously everyone has different priorities. As a current iPhone user (Endomondo pro), wanting to switch to Wp8.1, the things I would like (in order) are as follows:

    Proper music integration as mentioned by others (required)
    BT4/LE HRM Belt support (required)
    Interval training
    Background running (text/photographing should not kill it)
    Finer resolution on audio feedback distances (even nicer to have it sport specific)

    Ultimately (eventually) all the things that are on the other two platforms, after all, no-one wants to downgrade/lose features when they get a new phone.

    Thanks :)

  13. Would also be really nice if you guys could support Nokia Maps (or Here Maps, I’m not sure what it’s called these days) over Google Maps if that’s possible somehow (I’m not sure if it’s even possible). This would be really nice because in Nokia/Here Maps can have offline maps so that we would not need an internet connection, but still can see where we have been or where we want to go.

  14. Running on background!
    Currently when I use endomondo and somebody phone or send me a txt message it stops tracking.

  15. 1) Training plan support – english speaker would be enough at start.
    2) Better GPS support. Especially on curves. Voice information about GPS signal lost.
    3) Other popular languages support

  16. Whilst I’m commenting… Really really important is not overcomplicating the ap. It works great and works for a long time without too much drain on battery. Anything that drains battery more quickly is a step back for me!

  17. On present WP version and just noticed a problem whilst running today and listening to podcasts (on Lumia 820). Every km the ap paused the podcast to read out the km and pace information (perfect!) but then it stopped the podcast rather than resuming it, so I had to manually return to the podcast screen to start it playing again. A little bit annoying and can that be fixed please! Otherwise I love this ap.

  18. -Course contre le temps d’un ami et l’entraîneur aide audio vous effectuez mieux ou mieux intégrer le le parcours a traqué.
    -Toujours ce problème de musique.
    -coaching en francais se super
    -intégration des photos dans les commentaires.
    Merci a vous

  19. Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for. And for the one single request… please, add support for BT Heart Rate Monitor, especially Sports Tracker HRM (which now IS supported in WP8). Please? :)

  20. No. 1 for me is better integration with Spotify. Ideal world would be having Spotify playlists available within Endomondo’s music player. Otherwise, I’d just like to be able to run both apps at the same time without audio coach cutting off the music.

    Cheers for the update anyway.

  21. Ability to run my podcasts while running Endomondo. Bug Fix for (Win 7.8 version) whereby you have to load the map and then go back to get split times

  22. Background operation.

    Support for cycling- indoors and outside. E.g. able to turn off GPS when I’m stationary on a trainer. The Adidas miCoach app annoys me with it’s GPS signal updates when I’m inside and not moving.

    Support for Adidas Bluetooth HRM and SPEED_CELL. The Adidas miCoach app doesn’t support cycling cadence (it reports and records 1/2 of the actual cadence) and the cycling plans are few and hard to find.

    If you haven’t already compiled your competitive intelligence, check out the miCoach app to see what NOT to do.

  23. Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy support.
    Can’t use my HRM without it.
    App is only half as good as it should be and therefore wont pay for pro-version till it works.

  24. Great point Jörg. What would be great is some communication to keep us posted on how things are going. It doesn’t need to take much time but does the World of good for those of us interested to know what’s going on.

  25. One month later. Are there any new information? Which feature comes first? Do you already have an exact plan? I would be happy about more information on the level of development.

  26. Love the app, just dont get the time to exrecise as much as I should. Would like to download my route as I dont see how that is done now and use that as a referance. Aplogies if that is there and I am just missing it.

  27. HRM Support for sure – preferably polar Bluetooth.

    And dare I say it, integration with Strava would be great only because everyone I ride with uses Strava. I don’t because I have a windows phone.

  28. Please give access to the training plans. I love my windows phone but have to borrow my wifes iPhone when I use the training plans.

  29. I’ve got a problem, I have gps signal while I’m starting running, but when I finish I notice that my charts includes plain lines like I am losing my signal and probably my time and distance is not proper. Any ideas how to fix it?

  30. Mam problem, endomondo łapie mi gps normalnie, ale gdy kończę biegać to moje wykresy są w większości płaskie, jakbym tracił zasięg w trakcie przez co moje czasy i odległości nie są dokładne. Da się to jakoś naprawić?

  31. So happy your app for WP8 is being updated!

    1. Please update your live tile.

    2. Ability to see a break out of speeds when viewing the route just run.

  32. Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, if the Black update to Windows Phone that was just released supports the BT profiles for low voltage stuff like Fitbit and HRM.

  33. Before adding new features, make the basic ones work. I struggle with such basic things such as listening to music while Endomondo runs. If I run a certain route, I also want it to show on a map and then to save that map as a set route. And most importantly: If I start a session by mistake, I can’t delete it.

  34. 1°) Not stopping workouts. When i use is, in my countryside (France) EVERY workout stops after 500-600 meters. I’ve been told that it was a 4G problem. Not very nice, the app just doesn’t record any track, so no need to use it anymore.
    2°) Music : When a music app is turning on background, every coach sound turns it off. You need to stop, and turn it on. Better if playing both.
    Thanks for fixing it up, like your app, but WP8 one is a lot worse than my old BB one. ;)

  35. Interval training + more (deeper) integration with the WP-environment : good audio-support, bluetooth 4.0-support and of course HRM-support :)

  36. Ensure app continues to run under the lock screen (or restarts if it crashes). I experience problems with the app terminating on incomming call or SMS.

  37. Built-in HERE maps integration
    Pedometer and heart rate monitor support
    Possibility to edit workout before / after sending (for example add correct data from bicycle tachometer)
    Black / White theme
    Czech language support ;)

  38. Would like a better icon for GPS signal strenght, and maybe a bar to show that the GPS gets better signals at start up. This would mean the wait for GPS to “power up” would get a little more interesting.

  39. En form for combinations træning/Intervaltræning… Her med menes, det ville være rart hvis man kunne combinere flere forskellige træninger i en. Feks. gør jeg tit det, at jeg cykler et sted hen, hvor jeg enten går eller løber eller går/løber en rute, for herefter at cykle hjem igen. som det er nu vil den blive vist som 3 forskellige workouts… Istedet for en samlet… Samme problem har jeg når jeg går og løber i samme workout… Her er jeg nød til enten at vælge gang eller løb, og uanset valget vil tempo og tid virke forkert… Igen ville en combi mulighed være løsningen… Så en combi mulighed, men hvor man selv kan vælge hvilke træningsforme der er tale om og altså ikke en triatlon hvor der skal løbes, cykles og svømmes…

  40. Interval træning, hvor man selv bestemmer sportsgrenene, F.eks løb/gang og Løb/cykling eller Gang/cykling osv osv…
    Ofte cykler man et sted hen hvor man enten løber en tur eller går en tur, men for at det hele hænger sammen i et træningspas, ville det være rart ikke at “starte” forfra for hver gang man skifter sportsgren…

  41. Give MS a kick and ask them to make working with bluetooth devices easier! Would be great to have heart monitors connecting. Bar that just working on the accuracy of the GPS / A-GPS and having a good UI for cycling.

    Lastly, thanks for supporting the platform!


    Step 1 : Download Endomondo
    Step 2 : Start Endomondo
    Step 3 : Use another APP
    Step 4 : Tear out hear waiting for GPS to relocate.

    GPS works fine if you do not enter lock screen, if you do not use other apps. Essentially lets talk windows.

    If the App cough program doesnt not have “focus” Its GPS functionality sucks.

    As a result a good majority of Endomondo users are using another app i wont name. I do so aswell time to time. I Prefer and PAY for Endomondo.

    Secondly If you go threw all your boards or do what we call in IT a Ticker. You will see that ROUTES is a very much wanted / demanded by feature needed in Windows Phone. Atm all my android routes are useless.

    Keep with Bing maps tho……………………………….. (WTF DID I JUST SAY? I FEEL DIRTY) …. Because when Endomondo does work the Pin Point accuracy of bing combined with the nokia decent GPS u get amazing results.

    Thats when it does work

    Peace x

    1. P.S –

      Functionality with all now playing music.

      I stream music to my phone from AudioCloud. Atm Endomondo hasnt got a clue whats happening xx

  43. 1. I just want the GPS to function properly. WAY to many dropouts.

    2. To way sync between phone and PC.

    2, Ability to edit/comment workouts on the phone.

  44. Windows Phone OS very agressivly unloads apps from memory. Sometimes I have to switch to another app (maps or navigator for example) and WP completely unloads endomondo from memory. So, when I get back to endomondo I have to start my workout from scratch. It is very annoying and I already have some such tracks of 2 or 3 parts.

  45. History is showing all my History and not only the workouts I have made on the phone.
    I use my garmin watch with Endomondo, so i primarily use the Endomondo app to look in my training history, and when i whant that i have to use my iPad :'(

  46. How to delete old workouts on WP :)) ? Where is user guide for WP?

    Make Start,Pause,Stop buttons on start screen at least twice bigger, make history, newsfeed,friends pages not so easily accesible. Make there clear sign that GPS is ready to record training.

    Mute all sounds during audio coaching (including fm raadio and so on).

    Make audio coaching totally customizable,(let me choose what information i need). Add secondary audio coach (i need some information every km, but some information ,lets say every 200 meters or every minute).

    Is there option to start (and stop) workout at some geographic location(s)-prestart application at home,put it in pocket and forget, phone by himself starts and stops training…

  47. Doesn’t anybody listen to podcasts? It has been a long due request that just as well as music autoresumes upon an Endomondo notification, the same happens with podcasts.

    In a priority order:
    – training plan support
    – autoresume on podcast plays
    – tag friends on a workout
    – copy workouts

    Also, please round up these updates for WP8 as well as all the WP7 devices out there.

  48. 1) Audio coach not cutting off Spotify (comes from both sides…)
    2) Training plan coaching/support, when I’m doin’ the same route as previous time

  49. 2 bugs i would like to see fixed on htc 8s:
    – elevetion not being recorded correctly
    – Endomondo gets paused whel you get a call or take a photo


  50. The ability to integrate with more devices and produce more information to your workouts should be top priority. Thus, Integration with Ant+ devices, integration with heart rate monitors (BT or BTLE), headset controls, etc. should be a priority. A step counter/pedometer should also be a priority, as should be Adding weather information to workouts.

    Integration with devices and the production of more information should be a priority because since Endomondo outputs data to other services, I can use other apps for coaching, workout evaluation, calorie targets, social activities, etc. until Endomondo produces such functionality itself.

    Second priority should be connecting with your friends via a Microsoft or Skype account to look for friends to invite and add.

    Coaching and guidance information should be the third priority. How much water to drink, calorie goals, audio coach customization, interval training, beat yourself, training plans, graphs, etc. Training plans, heart rate zones, etc. should also fall into this category.

    Fourth priority should be the lower end social features. Adding pictures to your workouts, etc.

  51. Mam na Nokii jedną z pierwszych wersji Endo na WPhone. Niestety wśród dyscyplin nie ma biegania tylko wyścig a to trochę różnica ;)

  52. I’d love to be able to choose the music I want to listen to instead of having to listen to the random selection that Endomondo has chosen for me which is in exactly the same monotonous order every.single.time. It gets really boring after a while and hardly inspirational.

  53. 1. Traning plan
    2. Routes
    3. Interval training

    And small changes like weight Can only be set to e.g. 70, 80 but not 80,4 kg. The same goes for entering distance in manual entert workouts. I Can enter 5,4 but not 5,45 km.

  54. 1) Interval training
    2) The ability to download routes prepared online onto the WP app, so that the app can indicate (via audio) which way to run (especially useful if running in unknown territory, e.g. away from home)

  55. The audio coach breaks my Deezer listening. After an interruption music doesn’t continue. It works properly only when songs are played directly from the Nokia Phone.

  56. It would be great if one could have the option to start and finish a lap manually. It’s ok for the longer runs to have laps preset at 1km or 1mile, but sometimes I’m doing 100, 800, 1600 m sprint, and then some 500 m slow between those, my speed ends up being calculated by the kilometer. I think a “start a new lap” button would be great, so you could make it shorter or longer, but still see the actual speed for that distance measured in min/km.

  57. there is no PRO version right now on windows 8… :( i was a very happy PRO user on android. now i have to do interval trainings using different application. there are some problems with music also. if someone calls You qhile You run or something, after the call the music isnt playing like on android… im looking forward to see the bugs fixed and possibility to buy PRO :)

  58. GPS reliability. Too often the GPS freezes, with no warning or notification. This means I often completed a ride, only to find endomondo had only bee tracking for 10%.

  59. Great that U finaly are upgrading the WP app with som new features.

    1. Traning plan
    2. Interval
    3. Routes

    And why can I only enter e.g. 5,3 km when I enter a workout manualy? Why not e.g. 5,35 km if thats the distance I’ve run? The same issue when intering my Weight. I can only weigh e.g. 80 kg, not 80,4 kg.

    In general I would like all the features from the iOS app on WP. THX :)

  60. My preferences would be:
    – workout goal: I want to run ‘x’ km or ‘y’ minutes
    – Sync start of playing music with Start of run: when I press Go to start the run, start playing the music I’ve selected (if no music is selected then silence for the run, other than coaching tips).

  61. My top priority is the music integration many others have mentioned. I listen to Audible when I run, and every mile, Endormo speaks and I need to cycle back to Audible and press play again.

    Also, this maybe possible and I haven’t noticed, it would be nice to have a simple workout mode, one that does not need the gps, with a timer where you can ask audible to beep at, for example, 30 second intervals. For example when you need to keep a strenuous position for 60 seconds and can’t keep looking at the phone while you’re doing it. Is that what interval training means?

  62. For skiing and snowboarding. If it could pause on it’s own when you are on line for the chairlift or when you stop on the hill for an amount of time foe it not to be calculated, that would be terrific. It maybe asking for too much though. But it doesn’t hurt to ask (:

    Thank you foe your continued support of Windows Phone.

  63. For me, the priorities (in order) of what I’d like to see are:
    – Heart Rate Monitor Support (BT4)
    – A good live tile, showing the last GPS route or statistics, etc.
    – Options to take photos & attach to the current workout
    – Ability to delete workouts from phone

    Not much else really, mostly I just want a good live tile & HRM support, been waiting ages for this!

  64. Please please please can you resolve it from shouting out “work out paused” when I’m giving it everything I’ve got cycling up a hill. Simply stop it from telling me the workout has paused /resumed when I have audio coach off or just stop it from saying that all together. You wouldn’t believe how many times my confidence has been crushed by that voice telling me I’ve stopped.

    Sorry, that sounded like a bit of a rant didn’t it?

    Just give us the same functionality that you have provided to Android and iPhone particularly to the paid up subscribers.

  65. Better music app integration (e.g. TuneIn, Rhapsody, Spotify etc). Whenever the coach makes an announcement, it kills whatever music app I have playing, instead of just temporarily muting it like it does on Android or iPhone.

  66. Może by tak Endomondo Pro na Windows Phone? Z chęcią zapłacę.

    Przydałby się jeszcze trener audio w języku polskim i lepsze tłumaczenie aplikacji. Wy mnie nie,zawiedziecie!

  67. About time! I was on the verge of switching to an alternative as I thought you had given up on us. One thing that MUST be resolved is the issue where the voice in your app will stop the music from playing in any other music app apart from the default one. For example, Spotify and Deezer stop playing music when the voice tells you your progress. Therefore I cannot use these while running. Please fix! Thanks

  68. Interval training is my top priority.

    Other top contenders would be coaching enhancements (adjusting frequency and information) and goals, but I guess I’m only supposed to submit one request… :)

    Thank you for making such a quality app!

  69. It´s great news and great App, even the free one!
    My most recommendation would be, to improve a warning when the GPS signal gets lost. It’s a little bit frustrating to find out that a part or almost all of your workout did not get recorded when you check the summary after your workout (Nokia Lumia 920); and the GPS data are not accurate, deviation between recorded route and real route on map, it makes the felling it´s recording only every 3 to 5s. On the other hand, I notice that Endomondo just stops after receive a Whatsap or an incoming call.
    The features I would request in your new update would be:
    1) Add a GPS-signal lost warning and improve the GPS track.
    2) Heart rate monitor support (supported via Bluetooth for Addidas and other devices, so we would be able to see a pulse chart together with other statistics on the route)
    3) Interval training
    4) Workout tests (cooper test…)
    5) 2 way history sync.
    6) Social aspect (likes notifications and comments, photo sharing…)
    7) Training plans
    8) Set distance goal with audio coach speaks at your target
    9) Make it possible to plan route on PC and get directions via audio in your device

    All this would be a great improvement for effective training and better data analyzing.
    Thanks for supporting the windows platform!

  70. I REALLY want to be able to check out what was my max speed after biking. It would be nice to have the max speed point marked on the map. Max/min altitude point it would be also nice to see. And please, make it work with offline maps, so i don’t have to download the local map everytime i check my ride.

  71. 1. Play a tone/chime when GPS signal is lost/regained. Spotty GPS coverage happens and on a long run I would gladly just raised my phone a bit to reestablish signal and add a point of GPS data to avoid later cleaning up the record.
    2. More (and continued) reliability around not losing a session in progress if I or something switches apps on the phone (e.g. changing a currently playing music album). WP can tombstone an app and I want to be sure the data will be there when I return to Endomondo. =)
    3. HRM support. e.g. the Bluetooth Zephyr HxM (bonus: report the battery life of the HRM device, maybe as an icon next to the BT connection).
    4. Better indoor-activity tracking. Some days I can’t go out running, but I’d appreciate having an easier entry in Endomondo for when I’m at the gym. Maybe just a mode that works with a HRM and so I can mix up the gym machines and not fiddle with the phone for each new machine (treadmill, stair climber, strengthening machines, etc.)?
    5. Not stopping Pandora audio when the Endomondo audio guide comes on every mile? It also breaks (stops music) when listening to Xbox Music podcasts.

  72. 1 – Confirmation on Exit (easy to implement doesn’t count…)
    2 – Bidirectional Sync between server and phone on workout history.

  73. 1) please work on better integration of the audio coach. as other people mention, it pauses audio apps sometimes or plays over the top of them. it should just pause the audio and then resume when it’s complete!

    2) when entering a workout manually, the ability to input miles to the hundredth rather than just the tenth.

    3) ability to edit workouts after they’ve been entered

  74. Integration with activity tracking devices like Withings Pulse or Fitbit. I would prefer if Endomondo was my one stop for activity tracking rather than having to go to multiple interfaces.

  75. 1. Before functionality I would like if you can stabilize and improve the app’s background running performance. As others have mentioned,
    you can’t run it with another music app (like nokia music or spotify) or if you use the work around of starting music app first, than
    starting endomondo, the music will stop (and won’t start again) when endomondo provides some update. So, there can two things that can be done:
    a. Improve the app’s functionality to work well with other music apps OR
    b. Improve the music functionality inside the app – to let me select which playlists I want to listen.

    2. Also, I would like to see proper elevation figures posted to my endomondo account, it seems that its intermittent issue, as I have seen it
    posting correct figures many times when I bike the same route.

  76. The biggest boon you could give me would be Heart Rate monitor support. I currently have to carry around a separate HR watch as well as the bike computer for Cadence etc. and Endomondo on the phone. Hey, if I could shed the weight of the watch perhaps I’d get up those hills quicker! HR monitor support please, pretty please……..Thanks in advance your faithful user Mal.

  77. Make sure all friends are listed in friends list. It works on windows 8 app, but the first friend is left off in windows phone app.
    More sync with website, being able to see past routes and comments even on a different phone

  78. Yay this is great news. Switching to Windows Phone from iPhone. Thanks for the Windows Phone Love.

    1. Interval Training
    2. Pair with Heart Rate Monitor and other fitness bluetooth devices
    3. Sync with My Fitness Pal, Microsoft Health Vault, and other third party apps.

  79. HRM support!!
    Sports Trackers just Updated their app with this support, and I’m considering moving back, since I have HRM just lying.

  80. The app gives you the option to play your music from your music library (Xbox Music) however not other third party music players such as the very popular apps Nokia MixRadio and Pandora. The music can be played but when the narrator talks the music is turned off and has to be manually turned on which disrupts ones training. Please, please include integration in next update!!!

  81. As already mentioned many times:
    1) Training plans / interval training
    2) Take a photo while training
    3) Better music player suport

  82. 1. Personal Best ( 1 mile , 5 miles ,10 miles..etc )
    2. Tag a friend + photo upload
    3. History : every data .as of now it shows only the ones we did using Windows phone, My android shows all the workouts.Also, Cannot access the workouts of friends.

  83. PRO and free app! I will gladly pay for features!

    Custom tile setup – being able to get updates /info on the homescreen .. could be:

    – Current month stats (sessions, distance, time, kcals and so on)
    – Social updates (who is out trainging, comments and so on)

    Interval training!

    – Being able to do/save intervals on distance, time and HR with an easy setup (see runtastic WP8 app for an example on how NOT to do it)
    – being able to pin those intervals to your home screen for easy access

    Pin challenges to home screen for easy access and getting updates/info on the tiles

    And I’m happy to hear that there finally is som WP8 love on the way :-)

  84. Yes, you’ve got to get this working properly before you consider bolting other stuff on, welcome as that might be. I use Endomondo a number of times a week on my L920, but if I receive a Viber or Whatsapp message part way through my run, Endomondo just stops. Often I haven’t realized until I get back. Either this app doesn’t integrate well with other apps, it hasn’t been properly optimized for Windows Phone, or Windows Phone doesn’t multitask very well. I’m not sure which it is. You can add on all the bells & whistles you want, but they’ll be no use to me if the app just conks out in the middle of a session.

  85. I have only one wish. It’s not a big one. I don’t want any new features. But one thing is all I want: please promise me that whatever features come to Windows Phone 8, let the same features come to Windows Phone 7.8.
    Now, I know that Windows Phone 7.8 is an outdated operating system. But look: it will still be supported until September 2014. So please, let app developers support it as well! If you believe that nobody uses this outdated program anymore, look at the statistics: 20% of users still use Windows Phone 7, and I am one of them.
    I know that Windows Phone 7 has hardware limitations but usually, they can be overcome. There are a number of great apps out there which show that Windows Phone 7 is still great. Take a look at Run The Map, an excellent example of a GPS tracker app, something which I would like you to aim for.
    So, at least until September, keep the Windows Phone 7.8 app updated as well!

  86. Hi, I ‘m using pro version on Android device but change for Windows Phone.
    So here are my comments :
    – Allow other languages than english.
    – Third app integration (eg: Deezer stops when coach audi is active)
    – Audio coach frequence < 1k.
    – Interval training (Pro version ?)

    Thx & rgds,


  87. Hi,
    i would like to see support for Bluetooth (LE) heart rate monitoring
    this would be a great improvement for effective training and better data for analyzing the personal statistics

    thanks for supporting the windows platform!

  88. – Having the capability to upload a workout via wifi after the training and not live via phone connection. Important when running in another country to minimize roaming costs
    – Gaph view of workout as per Blackberry app
    – on my Lumia 920, GPS data are not accurate, deviation between recorded route and real route on map. I have the ffeling it is recording a point only every 10 to 20s
    – delete a workout to save memory

  89. Endomondo was last updated 27.04.2013 …

    I would start using Endomondo again if you add a warning for when the GPS signal is lost. It’s so frustrating to find out that most of your workout did’nt get recorded when you check the summary during or after the workout.

    Other features I and many other people have requested on the Get Satisfaction-forums since your last update is support for Heart Rate Monitors and Interval training.

    So please prioritize:
    1. Add a GPS-signal lost warning
    2. Heart rate monitor support
    3. Interval training
    4. Add standard workout tests

    1. This is the order I would prioritise any changes. I love the app, and haven’t had any real issues on any of the Windows Phones I have owned.


  90. Music / Audio integration.
    Playlist selections, Nokia music integration, currently playing audio continuation following commentary!

    Right now I use runtastic as this is so poor. Same music, same order every run. Boring.

  91. Sorry, but all the iphone+android features should be a priority
    Also crossfit training stuff like wod timer, tabata timer, etc, would be some personal musts for me :) Pleazzzzzeeeeeeeeeee

  92. Great news and great app – even the free one. I have no problems whatsoever with GPS or Nokias Music app on Lumia 820.
    As to improvements to the app. Ben Robb and Salaman7 are spot on.
    Love WP.

  93. Emmm. One simple version for cycling like latest Belle had – no bugging. On WP always have problems after hours* – audio coach shuts up, pause button without reaction, auto-pause lags, sudden freezes and exits are DISASTERS! I can’t record a single route to recommend for others!! Workout combining on site would be a good back-up. Actually I would prefer it as lite as possible, maybe that would be an option – Endo Lite for long workouts.

    *- Background tasks only basic, WP music player running over bluetooth connected headphones. Some starts and shut-downs of Here maps to check routing and area.

  94. EWhile program is running , having more control and options on my home screen similar to a music app. Right now the only option it has is to open the app. Thanks

  95. At first, thanks for the good news. I suggest this features:
    – Run endomondo in background
    – Auto restart endomondo after system reboot to continue the current workout automatically
    – Heart rate monitor support for Low energy and zephyr hxm devices
    – More frequent updates until align all features with other platforms

    1. Once I dropped my Nokia Lumia 920 on the road while running. The phone rebooted and Endomondo started automatically with workout data intact.

  96. 1) Interval training
    2) Audio coach not cutting off Spotify (comes from both sides…)
    3) Goals
    4) Liking a friends training.

  97. Sort out the issues with GPS on Nokia’s – Works very intermittently which makes even the basic functionality in the app useful (works perfectly on all other apps and never had an issue with my Samsung Win 7 phone).

    More music options – either mute option or configure so that any other music app doesn’t stop when endomondo emits a sound.

    Anything else is a bonus !

    1. Funny, I had/have the opposite experience. On my old WP7 Samsung Focus getting GPS was hit or miss, Nokia has been pretty solid. I totally agree with the music, having to go back and turn the music back on when I’m not using the core music player is annoying.

      If there was HRM support for BLE, I’d grab a monitor tomorrow to augment Endomondo

  98. Indeed great news! Wanted adjustments:
    1) Adjust 1km audio coaching setting to lower distance
    2) Get audio coaching by pressing button on bluetooth headset (like Jabra)
    3) Possibility to plan route on PC and get directions via audio

  99. – Add an option to disable all the audio (when endomondo emit a sound, spotify pauses)
    – Add an option on the main screen to display the actual altitude

  100. First should be the infrastructure/integration working better and stability instead of new features. For example, since the premier platform for windows phone is Nokia, Endomondo should work better with Nokia apps and hardware. Example. You cannot start, stop, play music with the Nokia Music app which is the default music app. To get it to work, you need to open the old windows music app, start the music then switch to Endomondo. Trying to use the nokia music app crashes Endomondo. Also a users manual and other documentation similar to the other platforms would be nice. Love the App! Thanks.

    1. I totally agree that first some integration and refactoring needs to be done. For example, Endomondo can’t run on background while listening music or using other app that uses GPS (geocaching app for example). Endomondo pauses/stops tracking and finally closes. About new features I would like to see:
      * Set a distance goal and have the audio coach speak to that as your target
      * Race against a friend’s time and have the audio coach help you perform better
      * Compete on a specific route nearby and race against the route champion
      * Compete against my own personal best

      1. As before with Graham comment I’m adding it ere as well since it is also relevant.
        App is switching off my spotify music when voice coach is giving comments. Very frustrating!
        So I agree that integration with Nokia platform should be improved first, and then new futures should be added.,Best Artur

  101. Hi. Sounds great. I agree with 2) and 3) from Ben Robb.
    I would add: import .tcx files from web based training plan to phone.
    Last time I tried to listen to music while out running, I didn’t get the voice coaching updates.
    Maybe this needs to be looked at too.

    1. Just adding my bits to Graham comment. App is switching off my spotify music when voice coach is giving comments. Very frustrating!

  102. I would like to get some recommendation on how to run pulse training with endomondo on a WP. I do know it is possible, but which kind of pulse belt should be used? Would I be able to see a pulse chart togehter with the route? etc.

    1. I got mine pre 8.1.

      I use zephyr: Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for Android
      by Zephyr. Link: If you live abroad you can also go to zephyrs pages and find nearest distributor (I live in Finland and got it sent over by Swedish distributor).

      With 8.1, you get bt le support. I’ve not had time to try that yet, but aim to try it out with a sport tracker bt le hrm I have ( as soon as I find the charging cable again).

  103. In order of importance:

    1. Interval training
    2. Social aspect – comments and likes notifications, photo sharing, people tagging
    3. Workout tests(cooper test etc.)
    4. Training plans

    1. Just noticed yesterday that the WP app now supports heart rate. So happy and been using my zephyr non stop ever since :-). Not yet had time to test bt le devices. I’d like to see real time heart beats on the stats screen (right now it’s hidden inside settings). And real time heart zone alerts (ie of I go above/below certain levels it makes a noise). Note if you have many Bluetooth devices then adding the hrm is a bit hit and miss – I had to delete my Jabra earpiece and car Bluetooth before it got to the zephyr.

      Would be useful to support hit too – set up 20 second counter and 10 second counter, them repeat by 8. (So ideally you would have 3 configurable counters there).

      Back to hr, would be good to support mode where app device is stationary, but heart rate is still tracked – and then calorie calculation done on heart rate. For example I play floorball where I cannot run around with my phone, but I can wear my heart tracker. Weight training might fall in same category.

      Finally I support the earlier comment: I tend to record sport on my windows phone and then analyse later on the iPad / laptop (bigger screen).

      Love the fitbit integration.

  104. Great news that you are looking at improving the WP app. In terms of priorities, you should focus on stuff that really matters when you are running, and less on stuff that is probably easier to do on another device type anyway (e.g. statistics and trend analysis).

    Top 3 asks, in order of importance to me:

    1) Audio coaching improvements:
    – Support for more types of training – in particular interval training.
    – More control over audio coaching (e.g. the Android app allows me to get my current / average paces every 250m vs. only once per km in the WP phone)

    2) Training Plan support. If I have a specific training session today on my training plan, that should be shown on the WP app, and I should get audio coaching as appropriate.

    3) Additional goals: e.g. beat a previous workout or your own PB – at the moment you can only race against a friend.

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