Big Graphs on iPhone 8.8.0.

With the latest release on iPhone app 8.8.0. we have improved a layout of the Workout screen. The most noticeable change is the new access to Map screen. You can slide or tap between Workout and Map screens more easily – notice the arrow icon on the picture.

Premium and PRO users on iPhone can enjoy full screen graphs with speed, altitude and heart rate data. The picture below displays how it looks when speed and heart rate data are available.

We have also done further improvements for Audio Coach for training plans and interval training.

You can download the Endomondo iPhone app here:

iPhone 8.8.0. big graphs

18 thoughts on “Big Graphs on iPhone 8.8.0.

  1. Hi, I have a permanent problem with the publication of training records on FB. After the every training session I described training and add photos into Endomondo mobile … but on FB it shows only time and distance of last training, sometimes the map only. Text and pictures occasionally, even with several days delay. I use the iPhone 5S with all the latest updates …

    As written by mike74, offline maps would be of great benefit …

  2. Endomondo need an important update.
    The ability to use offline maps.
    I used this app on my cycling activity and everytime my battery was running low.

  3. Why not add an option to be warned if you’re above/under the pace set by the training plan. I only know if I’m going faster or slower than I should if I run watching my phone all the time and it’s annoying.

  4. Please have in mind the battery usage for the next updates. Endomondo is a great app (especially the routes section), but the reason for leaving this app would be because my iPhone battery won’t last as long as my bicycle ride lasts (more than 2 hours).

  5. I just downloaded the new version and looked at one of my workouts. The graph does not show the correct local time, and the speed is not given with my unit of preference. If my settings indicate a preference of mph and that is used in all other places, why would the app then use km/h in the graph?

  6. Great, another update for iphone! Will be cancelling my pro subscription if you don’t update your WP app soon, the competition is miles in front of Endo on WP. Have remained loyal after years of use but getting fed up of Endo ignoring the fastest growing smartphone platform.

    1. Windows Phone has a dismal market share. It is growing fast but when you are close to zero it does not take much to make that claim. If you want developers to take care of you move to a better mobile platform (iPhone or Android that is). In any case don’t blame the developers for your own choices.

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