New Releases on Android and iPhone Improve Training Plans Features

Audio Coach

As we introduced the Training Plans two months ago, we knew that the job was by no means done and there are plenty of possibilities how to make this feature even more engaging and motivating. We also received plenty of ideas for enhancements regarding the Training Plans. We appreciate all the feedback you gave us, which is why the new releases on Android (vers. 9.2.0.) and iPhone (8.7.0.) primarily address your call for better audio feedback and more website features to be available in the app. In other words, we have improved the Audio Coach for both Training Plans and Interval Training and you can now create a Training Plan right in the app.

Create a Training Plan in the app
You can now create a personal Training Plan directly in the app. The setup includes three steps, which will make sure that the training plan helps you to reach your running goal in the best possible way.

Training Plan Create

Improved Audio Coach
We have improved the Audio Coach for the Training Plans by adding more frequent feedback on your pace and progress.
Those of you, who have already tried the Training Plans, know that most of the planned workouts consist of various intervals. These intervals can be either distance or duration based. Frequency and content of the audio feedback depends on how long the particular interval is.

Without going into too much detail, here are the basic rules:
1. If the interval is shorter than 100m (0,1mile) or 30s: There is no additional Audio Coach feedback

2. If the interval is between 100m-1km (0,1-1mile) or 30s-5min: You will get feedback on the remaining distance or duration and split pace during the interval.
Example: When you have a 600 meter interval, you will hear the Audio Coach every 200m telling you the remaining distance and the split pace.

3. If the interval is longer than 1km (1mile) or 5min: The standard Audio Coach settings will apply. If your planned workout includes such interval, make sure you access you Audio Coach settings and pick what feedback you would like to hear.
Example: If it’s a duration based 10min interval, you can customize your Audio Coach settings to hear your lap pace and heart-rate every minute (or any other option available).

32 thoughts on “New Releases on Android and iPhone Improve Training Plans Features

  1. There seems to be too little feedback now. I started with a training plan and it only gives audio feedback each kilometer and also says when to start a new interval. There’s also no pace on the screen. I want to know if I go too slow or too fast and I want it often. I don’t wear a sports watch and don’t want to add it. As it is, I am wearing a phone and a fitness bracelet. Shouldn’t just the phone be enough? From this blog post, I understand that endomondo had this extended audio coach on intervals back in 2013. Well where is it now that I want it?

  2. Lisxted here are some of the helpful resources for app development on different cell phone operating-systems.

    They may feel it has been left in the cold with
    their phone stuck on a 1. Although the process for most phones is very easy you do ruun the
    risk of “bricking” your Android smartphone should
    you make a mistake.

  3. On iPhone app – it will be great if audio coach (during ex. interval training) will tell you if you need to increase or decrease tempo – its better to hear it from audio coach than checking phone scree every time. Think about it in next release

    cheers, Piotrek

  4. Audio coach is inaccurate during intervals less than 1km ( eg 500m ) , it tells me I am running 3:50 km pace ( I wissh !) when in reality it is more like 4:30 or 4:50 , is this a momentary readout of speed or os average of the interval being made , it needs to be somewhat accurate to be useful ( HTC One , pro 9.2 ) , is this fixed /improved with 9.4 update .

  5. A word of warning to anyone training for a marathon – Endomondo’s plan doesn’t include a taper at the end, so you’d be advised to do your own thing for the last 3 weeks rather than rely on the plan it gives you.

    Not only that, 12 weeks out, my training plan’s longest pre-marathon run is only 11 miles. Ok so I’ve missed the odd run here and there, and I know it continuously updates but that’s way short of the mark (I can do a half marathon no problem). I’m going to continue using Endo for my shorter training runs but am planning the long runs myself.

  6. Doing a 74 mile MTB ride in 8 months and wanted to use training plan however seems to only be running. Can I change this?

  7. Hi!
    Make audio coach easier, let him say on the basis of tempo workout, or faster, or slower, or true pace.
    If I run long distance and added too or too relaxed, would be a shame to know that I ran a mile on the wrong speed. I would rather that he was watching me and he determines when and what to say, I do not need to know your pace every kilometer or every minute, I need to know, now that I’m running at the correct speed and everything.

  8. Great feature, just one question – is pace reported every 30 seconds an average pace for the last 30 seconds of for completed interval distance?

  9. I like to have my 4 min of interval with only some good music and not anyone interrupting me every 30s to tell me how fast I am running. How can I turn it off?

    I still like to be informed when the interval is finished though, so turning off the coach is not advisable either….

    1. Has anyone figured out how to get the audio coach to just notify when the interval changes instead of every 30 secs? It drives me crazy!

    2. I would also like to turn this off and just get the alert when I reach the actual interval I set. Intervals are now unusable for me because it’s such a distraction. Please put it back the way it was.

  10. Before this latest update, if I selected ” beep and intensity” for interval audio, I got audio only when the interval changed-now the only way I’ve found to get this is to select beep only-is there a way to I can get intensity without also getting interrupted every minute to be told a minute has gone by.(I have the Android version and I’m using intervals to do a beginners run-walk workout.)

  11. iOS version does not have a setting to control interval audio feedback. Currently is talking every 30 seconds. Would like to be able to just have halfway, 30 sec, 10 sec etc.

    While I’m at it, heart rate in BPM is not too helpful. Feedback on zone what zone I’m in, or getting near a threshold would be nice.

  12. Please update the Windows Phone app to include this feature too.

    There is also a new smartwatch under development called AGENT Smartwatch. Unlike other such devices which run with specific platforms only, this smartwatch supports mutliple platforms including Android, WP and iOS.(details on ). The AGENT team has also released a SDK for developing apps for the watch.

    I hope Endomondo will develop an app which can be installed on AGENT so that we can use that versatile watch to log our Endomondo miles.

  13. Sure would be nice to have at least one release on WP8… having been a premium member since before the training plan releases, I would have appreciated being included in the mobile updates.

  14. Have you added audio coach for duration based trainings? They have no audio feedback at all, would be nice to have a notification every km like with a normal workout.

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