Endomondo iOS 7 Redesign

iOS 7 sticky

Endomondo app for iOS has undergone many subtle yet noticeable UI changes to adopt iOS 7. The latest release (8.5.0.) of the Endomondo app gives the nod to sharpened focus on functionality and muted visual realism of iOS 7. We grabbed the opportunity to revisit core app functionality by offering also a new sign-up flow in this release, even though it wasn’t necessary for the sake of iOS 7.

The biggest change is that the flat UI design is being used across the whole application. Pretty much all gradients and shadows have been removed from UI elements and the sizes of commonly used design elements have changed in some cases.

Even though the size of the status bar is the same as in iOS 6, the appearance of its content has slightly changed. The new status bar on Endomondo iOS 7 is visually connected with the Navigation Bar without any separations and the Endomondo Green brand color has been integrated as a full background color.

The typeface hasn’t been changed, but it has become lighter in weight – text is usually displayed in the light face instead of regular or bold now. Text that should appear more prominent is often displayed in medium face (e.g. the title in Navigation Bar).

Buttons appear as simple colored borderless text links – supplying button background images has been moved away.

Profile pictures have slightly rounded corners and this element also appears on the challenge and route pictures as well as the large buttons.

iOS 7 - 4 screens

41 thoughts on “Endomondo iOS 7 Redesign

  1. Hi! Why doesn’t my endomondo app calculate the distance and calories and pace if I set it for it. It only calculates the time, no matter how many miles I will be running the boxes are empty and I don’t here the voice saying that I completed a mile. I used to love this app! I tried dowoading it multiple times. It doesn’t work. Any help, please?

    Thank you!


      1. hi endoeva, the link you give seems to not be working anymore, please summit a new one

  2. I also have an iPhone 4s running IOS7. Endomondo Pro also has trouble with GPS. It cannot locate the signal when started then it can’t keep hold of the signal if found. If i have it showing as ok and switch briefly to play some music it will once again lose the GPS signal. I have written about this recently but nothing as yet has been done to repair this bug. I have GPS working fine on Wahoo and Runtastic… but not Endomondo. I have now deleted from my phone as I have better things to do than play around trying to make it work. I don’t particularly care how pretty the new app looks I just want it to work and do it’s job..!!!

  3. I have a apple 4s phone and the endomodo free app. when trying to use the app it says my gps is disabled and will not track my route. the gps on my phone shows my present location. how do i get the gps to work on the app?

  4. On my iPhone 4s (OS 7) after last upgrade endomondo turn off automatically every about one km when running. It is very unusful.

  5. With the new update Endomondo has removed following features which were available in FREE iOS app
    1) Audio Lap frequency – Every 1.00 mile
    2) Lap speed

    Seems like Endomondo is getting more and more GREDDY by removing FREE features and requiring users to purchase PAID app.

    If Endomondo wants to sell paid app then add additional features in paid app which will motivate people to purchase it, DONT remove the features from FREE app and now say GO PURCHASE THE PAID app for that feature (which was FREE in past!!!)

    Dont think that ENDOMONDO is the only app avaialble to sports users, there are many other apps which offer same basic free feature as ENDOMONDO. Thanks for motivating me and my friends to goto your rival app.

    Good Business practice to loose LOYAL customer!!!!

  6. I commented last night that it wasn’t working on my iPhone 4S with iOS7 but then I read elsewhere that I needed to do two things. I had to let Endomondo access my location services (which it was already) and I had to make sure that Endomondo was switched on for Background App Refresh (mine was switched off). If you don’t have it switched on, then as soon as you lock your screen or switch to another app, Endomondo stops working and the GPS will switch off as it doesn’t think it’s required.

    This is an Apple change, in order to help save power by giving us more control over which apps are running in the background. You just need to be smart now and select the ones you want to, including Endomondo. I tracked my cycle at lunchtime, with no problems at all.

    1. I found the same thing. Worked for me as well. Too bad people are blaming Endomondo when it isn’t their fault. Maybe a push notification explaining it right away would have helped.

  7. iphone 5 ios 7.0.2 endomondo pro 8.6.0. GPS stop when the screen lock. I’m endomondo user for more than 3500 km. It’s the first time happened. Bye bye endomondo :(

  8. GPS shuts down when screen is locked. Never happened before, I’ve used Endomondo for 1,5 years. When I open the screen again, the app will make a straight line from the place I locked the screen to where I open it again. iPhone 5 with IOS7, Endomondo 8.6.0.

  9. It used to work perfect even in old BBs. Now in ios7 if endom is not on AND on screen it doesnt track properly, even with the GPS on. It seems we need a bug fix quickly…

  10. With the new ios 7 on my iphone and the updated app, I have problems; GPS not accurate anymore, stops when I lock my iphone and when I unlock my iphone it calculates the distance between those 2 points… So no more feed back after very km and to correct mapping of my workout, please some advice….

    1. if this can help you; I first updated the app and everthing worked out, the problems only started when I updated my iphone to ios 7.

  11. I’ve completed a couple runs where the app tracks the total time but not the route or distance. 32 minutes to go .27 miles? I know I’m slow, but not that slow!

  12. After upgrading to ios7, my Endomondo is not tracking my cycling trip properly. After it auto pause, it never un-pause again. Ended up I have straight lines all across my workout from point A to B, B to C etc. Any idea what happen?

  13. I just used Endomondo for the first time since upgrading to iOS7. I was outside, on a 2 mile route I’ve walked MANY times, and it showed I only walked 0.13 miles in 31:33. What the heck??

      1. Mine is doing the same. If I use a count-down timer, it doesn’t complete the count-down and if I just start tracking, it fails to find GPS. This didn’t happen before. Is it iOS7 or the new Endomondo Pro app?

      2. The same problem for me. I use iPhone 4S. Tried to reset Iphone location services in general settings. Tried uninstall app and install again. Tried logout and login again in account. Even tried to remove Developer account from this device (i have developer account in Apple). Nothing helped for me.

  14. v8.5.0 (pro) crashes 100% of the time when you attempt to view your “news feed” while a friend is currently working out.

    Also, please hurry up and add support for the wahoo fitness speed and cadence cycling sensor. (seriously, what is taking so long?)

  15. Wonder if you have added a feature which can be used to keep track of which pair of shoes which has been used for how many miles?
    Secondly an improved feature for the web interface could be that the export function to excel would include also the comment fields, or even better all fields within the app (then the user just could delete the columns in excel which are not relevant for him/her).
    Anyway thanks for a great app.

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