Personal Training Plans Now Available In Endomondo Sports Tracker App

Smartphones Become Personal Trainer and Coach With New Service Offered to Endomondo Premium Subscribers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 30, 2013 – Using mobile technology to create a personal workout schedule that meets desired goals is one of the most requested features sought by the 18 million users of Endomondo’s mobile app and fitness network. For Endomondo Premium subscribers, just such a tool will become a reality Friday, Aug. 30 with the beta launch of Endomondo Training Plans available online and to iPhone/Android users. All users are invited to try out the new feature as part of a free Endomondo Premium trial.

The new, feature-rich addition to Endomondo’s service allows runners to devise a regimen that meets specific fitness goals. The customizable plans take into account a user’s current training level, days per week they prefer to exercise, duration for reaching an achievement, and much more. Crafted schedules adjust dynamically as the user progresses with the plan. To accomplish fitness objectives effectively, Endomondo employs a diverse interval training methodology that enhances variety and intensity of personalized programs so workouts are engaging, motivating and fun.

To create a personalized Training Plan, users first log on to the Endomondo website and decide whether the primary goal is to be able to run a given distance or to be faster along a distance. Users can choose one of the following distances: 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, or a custom distance. Users then answer two questions that help determine their current fitness level so the right combination of workouts and training intensity can be devised. Finally, users choose among the suggested plans, select a beginning and end date for the training period, and number of days per week for workouts.

Once a plan is generated, the activity schedule is delivered to the user’s Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app. Push notifications are offered at specified times to remind people of workouts planned for that day. To monitor progress, a Training Plan tab has been added to the app’s main menu and gives a glimpse at past performance and the future workout schedule.

Mette Lykke, Endomondo’s CEO & co-founder, said multiple sub-features are included in the new service to keep users motivated. Specifically, she noted that “the app’s audio coach plays a significant role in Training Plans. Audio feedback is used to inform people of upcoming interval and pace to run.”

All users are invited to go to Endomondo and redeem the coupon code TRAINING-PLAN (case sensitive) for a free 30-day trial. The voucher code is for single use before September 15, 2013; can only be used once for a new Premium account; cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts or coupons; and requires a payment method be entered for activation.

Along with the new feature, Endomondo is announcing a subscription price increase for Endomondo Premium services. The price change will go into effect in the fourth quarter of 2013 with rates rising to $3.99/month (an increase of one dollar) or $29.99/year (an increase of $10). The price increase WILL NOT impact current Endomondo Premium subscribers who will be grandfathered in at their current rate.

For more information about the training plans, please visit the blog post on the topic. A full rundown of Endomondo Premium features can be viewed here.

About Endomondo:
With 18 million users joining since launch in 2008, Endomondo remains a highly rated, free mobile app that turns GPS-enabled smartphones into a personal trainer and social motivator capable of tracking workouts, analyzing performance, and can aid in the discovery of new activities and insights into fitness so people become and stay active. Endomondo stands apart from other activity tracking apps in its strong focus on social interaction, and helps users connect with like-minded people to encourage the sharing of experiences and support in achieving collective goals. Users can send friends real-time pep talks while they exercise, compete against friends for fun, challenge co-workers, and share it all on Facebook, Twitter or across the Endomondo social network.


Media Contacts:

Jim Llewellyn, for Endomondo, 323.810.7685

Mette Lykke, Endomondo CEO & Co-founder, +45 3076 1290

25 thoughts on “Personal Training Plans Now Available In Endomondo Sports Tracker App

  1. I want the premium features, but how come Endomondo Premium is not available for Windows Phone (even Windows Phone 8???). When will it be available, are there any plans?

  2. I don’t have the Training Plan in my iphone – only on the computer. I purchased Premium so that i can have the Training on the iphone – not even an icon for it.

  3. I just started my training plan today. I was pretty surprised that the audiofeedback didn’t give me anything but “run for 24:34 min at 4:39 km/min” and then *silence* for the next 24 min… I’m looking forward to Endomondo getting this fixed late oct…..

    Untill then I’ll just use my Pebble Watch (which actually works with RunKeeper) so I can see my pace and distance on the fly.

    Endomondo: Fix this – fast!

  4. It’s absolutely useless! Currently training plan is not usable at all. How the F* should I keep a steady average pace without audio feedback, let’s say during 21km run? I have to run with a f*in phone in my hand, unlock the screen multiple times a km to see the pace and distance. It’s freaking annoying, it’s f*ing frustraiting, it’s takes the fun out of training.
    Users need to have audio feedback at least after a km about average pace and covered distance. FIX it!

  5. i guess its missing button “i will not do it” or automatic deleting of planned workout if you missed a day… :( thats sad because i skiped a training and “planned workout” stays there forever, and i’m not willing to do that next day…

  6. Can you please tell us a little about who is designing these programs and what their credentials are? How can I be sure that this is a safe and effective program?
    There are many different training philosophies. Which one will this follow?
    For example, a beginner marathon training program on your site involves at least (3) 20 mile training runs, while Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon training program only calls for (1) 20 mile run in preparation for a first marathon.

  7. Depuis fin août 2013, je ne peux utiliser l’application Endomondo pour mes parties de golf.
    J’utilise cette application avec la formule gratuite.
    Que dois-je faire pour continuer à bénéficier de cette application gratuitement.
    Merci par avance

    1. Will also leave this alone since there is no Windows Phone (Microsoft has the Lumias now!) app Support, there are gazillions of similar services online nowadays but mobile app would be kick-ass when done right!).

  8. Nice feature for runners. But I will not pay extra $10 for feature which I don’t use.
    Once my Premium account expires I’ll not renew it.

  9. I use this training plan for a week now. Good thing is that the aidio coach warn me in case of intervall periods. But my problem is that there is no feedback about pace and time and speed when for example i do a longer session with 11 kms. The coach just says that run 11 kms and than end of training. There is not any information during the session. Is really bothering that I don’t know how many kms I did already and what is my speed.

    1. This is exactly what is missing. I do not understand why endomondo advertise training plans, promise them with audio coach feature, I paid for premium subsc, and Endomondo failed to deliver what they promised. Very sad. After that the whole sad email exchange with endomondo support. Till I purchased premium package I perceived Endomondo as a good company and service provider. How they changed so guickly.

    2. This is exactly what is missing. I do not understand why endomondo advertise training plans, promise them with audio coach feature, I paid for premium subsc, but Endomondo failed to deliver what they promised. Very sad. After that the whole sad email exchanges with Endomondo premium support. Till I purchased premium package I perceived Endomondo as a good company and service provider. Now I came to the conclusion that they are cheating on their customers by not delivering to customerswhat they paid for. Shame.

      1. Really? The regular audio doesnt work during planned training session? I’ve ran hundreds of times with endomondo, with audio on. Telling me every kilometer my pace and avg pace for the entire run etc, it’s in the audio settings (along with avg heartrate and tons of others). That is not working on planned runs??

    3. Totally agree. I was shocked to run around 9 km without any feedback on my tempo. After a while i took the phone out of the case and, holding it in my hand, checked every 30 second if my tempo is fine.

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