Death of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: Most Countries Don’t Follow Through, But A Select Few Do

Endomondo Social Fitness Community Shows More Activity in US, Norway, Spain and Poland While Many More Countries Have Drop-Off in January

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 23, 2013 – To learn if people followed through on New Year’s workout resolutions and if exercise continued during colder months, developers of the Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app and social fitness network looked at user activity from Dec. 2012 through the third week of March 2013. While usage dropped in many countries, the percent decrease was noteworthy, as well as the fact that some regions actually boosted exercise beyond the first half of January.

Countries that showed increased physical activity at the beginning of the year included the United States (+15 percent), Spain (+21 percent), and Norway (+10 percent).  Countries showing decreased exercise included the Netherlands (-22 percent), France (-19 percent), Denmark (-18 percent), Germany (-16 percent), Sweden (-15 percent), and the United Kingdom (-14 percent).  As February began, many countries countered the negative trend with only users in Denmark, Germany, France and the United Kingdom still showing a decrease in physical pursuits.

As a baseline, Endomondo selected the week of Dec. 11, 2012, to begin reviewing workouts tracked.  In December, a traditional uptrend was witnessed that correlates with people receiving mobile devices as holiday gifts and exploring ways to use new gadgets, along with those deploying technology for fitness resolutions.  Unanticipated were results showing a nearly 100 percent activity jump in certain countries.  But to no surprise, apathy set in and usage dropped. However, the decrease was not what was expected, and some countries viewed as lethargic actually continued activity growth.

Mette Lykke, an Endomondo co-founder, found the results interesting.  First, she noted winter weather was not necessarily a determining factor in user activity.  Second, some countries conventionally considered physically vigorous decreased workout activity while others not associated with a fit lifestyle increased exercise.  Knowing that seasonal, social and economic factors could impact results in a myriad of ways, Endomondo is considering partnerships with universities or health/fitness organizations for further study.

“This was the first time Endomondo analyzed usage focusing on New Year’s resolutions,” Lykke said.  “Endomondo will continue similar analysis annually in hopes of finding ways to better support users.”

The Endomondo New Year’s 2013 Statistical Report and additional background can be found at




Facts displayed above can be downloaded here.

About Endomondo:

With nearly 15 million users joining since launch in 2008, Endomondo remains a highly rated, free mobile app turning GPS-enabled smartphones into personal trainers and social motivators capable of tracking workouts and analyzing performance. Endomondo stands apart from other activity tracking apps in its strong focus on social interaction that helps users connect with like-minded people and encourages support in achieving collective goals. Users can send friends real-time pep talks while they exercise, compete against one another, and share it all across social networks.

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Media Contact:

Jim Llewellyn, for Endomondo, 323.810.7685

11 thoughts on “Death of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: Most Countries Don’t Follow Through, But A Select Few Do

  1. I believe your users interest have fallen off because you have lost a majority of BlackBerry users that have upgraded to BB10. I know speaking for myself I used your app everyday for my workouts with my Torch 9850 But since I upgraded to Z10 I haven’t used it once. I’m currently shopping for a new App for workouts. Too bad I really enjoyed your app.

  2. My advice… You can’t stop running. As soon as you make the excuse, I will only take the next XX days off then get right back to it, you are done… Don’t make excuses. Find a partner who has been running for a while and use that as motivation.

  3. Hello. Is it possible for you to provide data from other countries other than being stated in the article? I’m from Malaysia and if possible I’d like to see the data from my country.


  4. How the factors of new and returning users were used to come up with these statistics?

    In my case Endomondo stopped to support multisport .FIT files from Garmin watch and since I have all my workouts on Garmin Connect I don’t bother to record these workouts manually (they account for 17% of my activity).

  5. Where the fuck is canada??? if your grouping us with Americans wow fucking bullshit….. you have fucking denmark and not canada like WTF!

  6. Really fun way to use the stats you get in from the app. :) Have always noticed the increase after new years eve, but the decrease is often more difficult to notice, not as rapid as the increase :)

    keep it up!

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