How a Couch Potato Ran more than 1000 Miles in a Year…

1000 miles


Check out the picture – this is how Cris Trandafir celebrated that he was able to run more than 1000 miles in a year – by tracking this symbolically shaped workout. He used to be a couch potato and credits the Endomondo community for getting an impulse to become an active person.

In his own words: “I’m so happy that I found this app and it’s working great on my phone! Running is now for me like a drug, my body is asking for more and more Endorphins! Happy to be a part of Endomondo community!”

Thank you, Chris, for sharing with us – we love seeing the power of inspiration in action.

8 thoughts on “How a Couch Potato Ran more than 1000 Miles in a Year…

  1. Buenos días, tengo un problema con el endomondo y haber si alguien me puede ayudar. Tengo un Xperia U y cuando pongo el Endomondo para ir en bici, andar… pone que me busca satélites gps pero no los encuentra, lo raro es que alguna vez si que me ha encontrado pero lo normal es que no encuentre.
    ¿Porque puede ser?

  2. Awesome result, I am up to 73 miles myself since April 10 when I started tracking.

    It was raining cats and dogs today, so did not get to add a few miles today.

    Keep running Mr Couch Potato :)

  3. Nice tracking Chris. Wouldn’t it be great if Endomondo would let you save special trackings like these. If a user could have a list of “Special trackings” ?

  4. Well done Chris! You’re an inspiration to people like me, who know we have to get up and do it instead of just wanting to. Keep it up!

  5. Well done, Chris! I’m getting there, only walking for now, but you’re an inspiration to people like me who know we just have to get up and do it!

  6. Great stuff. Well done. Hope you keep it up. Endomondo is also my best friend and one who keeps me on my bike.

  7. Way to go! I started riding a bicycle two years ago to combat type II diabetes. I lost 40 pounds and embraced exercise. I no longer have type II and I gained a whole new hobby and passion for cycling. Just an hour or so a day is all I do but I look forward to it everyday.

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