Spring Season Calls for Training Plans

Easter bunny

We spotted this Easter bunny running around the office! By the way, a rabbit is a symbol for the fastest lap of your workout at Endomondo…do you have any plans to bring it on and speed it up in the spring season?

We’ve developed Endomondo to make it more fun and engaging to workout, and to help you accomplish your fitness goals. In April we’ll make this even easier for our Premium users with customized Training Plans – more info will follow soon.

Our effort to support you in your training also extends to our blog. Recently we blogged about Interval Training for Newbies, offering good pieces of advice from experts. If there is a fitness topic you would like to know more about, let us know.

15 thoughts on “Spring Season Calls for Training Plans

  1. It is soon cold in Sweden.. I have Premium, want to have a trainingplan but can´t always do running but I´m training for a halfmarathon. Sometimes I do spinning/gym and so on. I want a plan with differnet activities- is that possible in Endomondo?

    1. Hi, we are not pleased about this delay either but we experienced some difficulties so we had to postpone the launch to late June/early August. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Hi, I was very happy when I saw this announcement. Also thought, since I am a Premium user of both the website and the app, that everyone that pays for something should be the center of attentions and promising something should be a commitment. I’m a runner, better, I’m learning to be one, I was waiting for this feature to get better at running and start a marathon plan. While searching for the plan, I found an app that allows me to plan, and to manage intervals with targeting focus on the app. I’ll still use endomondo for stats, but for everything else. I’ll stick with ismoothrun wich is an app devoted to running and cycling and not worried about new oses like blackberry and forgetting about paying customers.

  3. Hey there, the title is good but where is the training plan function (please for self editing too)? It would be the feature which would raise endomondo to the very best training app for Android.

  4. hi. if i’ve created a team at endomondo, how can i change the principle of places distribution? by the default places in leaderboard are distributed based on distance, but i’d like to see based on calories burned. is it possible? thnks in advance, Alex.

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