Get the Full Endomondo Experience with Premium – Now Also in the App

As you may know, we introduced Endomondo Premium in November last year, which includes additional motivating features online like Weather Information, Workout Comparison and Heart Rate Zones. We now offer two of these features, Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information, in our app for iPhone – and next week it will be available on Android as well. Going forward Premium membership will give access to all the website features – including the Pro app as part of the full package. See the list of Premium features below:
Premium membership is a subscription service. You can go with an Annual membership for $19.99 or with a Monthly membership for $2.99. If you have already bought the Pro app, you will get the Annual membership for $15 for the first year. Go to our Premium page for more info.

More about vers. 8.0.0 for iPhone
Besides Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information, our newest iPhone release offers the following new features:

Notifications when friends comment on and like your workouts
You’ll see a push notification in the Notification Center on the phone, and in the app a small envelope will appear in the top right corner on the workout screen. The number will indicate that one or more liked or commented on your workouts.

New tab with likes, peptalks & comments
Another feature which should make social interaction easier is that workout summary now includes new tab with likes, peptalks & comments.

8 new sports: circuit training, climbing, treadmill running, treadmill walking, skateboarding, surfing, snowshoeing & wheelchair
You may have noticed that we added these sports to the website a few weeks ago and with the latest release you can enjoy using them directly in the app as well.

Total duration/distance/calories for days with multiple workouts
A lot of our users are very active and there are days when you do more than one workout. That’s why we included total duration/distance/calories in a workout history for days with multiple workouts. Toggle between the stats by pressing the number.

If you are using our Endomondo app for BlackBerry, read more here.

26 thoughts on “Get the Full Endomondo Experience with Premium – Now Also in the App

  1. Hello, I have just created a challenge and would like to promote it by sending notifications for all my county endomondo users. How to do that?

  2. Why have a pay version when you have a subscription model? Why not just make it subscription for all the features with the free app? Or give all the features with the cost of the paid app? Whats with the money grab?

  3. You guy steal my money you charge me 29.99 for premium member and you didn’t upgrade my app to premium that’s bushit .!!! If you not going to fix it I will tell all Ppl on endo forum what did you do with me

  4. I am really missing very simple 3 features: I normally run 5 km, but all my workouts are 5.01, 5.03 etc… 2 solutions:

    1) After workout you can delete a lap – (often the last lap). Thats better that edited distance and time.
    2) When you set a goal (for me 5 km) you can chose that workout stops automatically when workout is done… (I REALLY NEED THIS FEATURE…)

    3) You should be able to set secondary goal – i.e 5km in 20 min – Audio guide can pace you to the goal and time stops when you reach 5 km… (not 20 min)

    Hope to see this sooon

  5. I installed the latest update, and I do not have the new workout choices to select yet. When will they be avalible?

  6. Since Endomondo seems to refuse to even answer questions about the Windows Phone platform, I will assume that this is a dead product on that platform. From a customer service point of view, that silence is pretty much equivalent of flipping the bird to the customers. Please show some respect for your customers and at least give some honest answers about the platform.

  7. Indeed…..we need some updates for Windows Phone (7.8 and 8).

    And….ofcourse the Windows 8 app (metrics anyone??).

  8. Just logging my support for Pro apps on Windows Phone (7.8 & 8) and Windows 8. Please update your Windows apps to make a pro version available on these platforms.

  9. What about the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps? Will those be getting these updates as well? Don’t forget about us!!

  10. The premium in pro features sound great on paper, but will they be more features that don’t work right and that you don’t fix? If that is the case, i still can’t see the reason. The features that trigger this question are the auto pause and hydration reading. I know from repeated and continuous frustrations that the auto pause is unpredictable, inconsistent, and thus, useless. As for the hydration feature, i haven’t seen anything from you to show that the calculations are reliable, but you have been asked about it . So before i could spend any more money here, I’d have to see you fix what’s broke first. Considering the auto pause problem has been around for at least 9 months, the fact that you haven’t fixed it is very very frustrating. But, these premium in pro features do sound great. On paper at least.

  11. And how about Windows Phone 7.8 users? When these changes will be available also for them? You have not updated your app for a long time for our platform :( I always have to read these kind of announcements with pleasure but always no mentioning of WP…

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