News on Endomondo Premium – Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information Coming to the App!

hr zones n weather

We want to give you a heads up on some of the upcoming releases.

Right now we’re working on making the Premium website features available in the Android and iPhone app. As a Premium member, soon you’ll be able to check heart rate zones and weather info in your workout summary directly from the app. And, you’ll be able to upgrade to Premium right from the app as well. Going forward, you’ll see more and more Premium features available in the app.

Premium membership subscription will include the Pro app
Since introducing Premium in November of last year, the primary feedback we received was that users had difficulty understanding the difference between the Pro app and Premium membership. We must admit it wasn’t crystal clear. To simplify things, the Pro app will stay as it is now – our app with extra app-only features – and Premium membership will give access to all the website and app features including the Pro app for Android and iPhone as part of the full package. See breakdown of features below:

Pro app for Android and iPhone includes:
Interval Training, Step Counter, Graphs in the app, Audio Coach Customization, Low Power Mode, Beat Yourself, Duration and Calorie Goals, an extra display field on the workout screen, and you avoid external ads in the app. See detailed description at:
You can get the Pro app for $4.99 – a one-off cost.

Premium membership includes:
Premium website features: Workout Comparison, Peer Benchmark, Personal Best History and Training Analysis, Heart Rate Zones, Weather Info and you avoid external ads on

Premium app features: Heart Rate Zones, Weather Info

Pro app for Android and iPhone (see details above)

The Premium membership is a subscription service. You can go with an Annual membership for $19.99 or with a Monthly membership for $2.99. If you have already bought the Pro app, you will get the Annual membership for $15 for the first year. Go to our Premium page for more info.

More new features ahead
We will be adding new free and paid features to both the app and website on a continuous basis. To give you an idea of what’s to come, we’re working on making Challenges available in the app, so you can join and view challenges from your phone without having to get on the web (free feature). We’re also also developing some exciting Training Plans, which will be available both on the website and in the app in a few months for Premium users.

And what about users of the BlackBerry app who are Premium members?
For now, we can’t bring Premium features to the BlackBerry app or make the Pro app available as a part of a Premium package for BlackBerry users, but if you’re a Premium member without the Pro app, you can contact us at, and we’ll extend your Premium membership for three months for FREE, when you buy the Pro app in BlackBerry App World. If you have a phone with BB10, please have a look here:

34 thoughts on “News on Endomondo Premium – Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information Coming to the App!

  1. Hi, with the heart rate monitoring can you put in alerts for when you go outside your desired training heart rate zones. Maybe just a beep or a voice that tells you. I loved how on dedicated heart rate monitors you could set a customised or recommended upper and lower limit for your heart rate zone to train and you’d get a beeping noise if you went beyond it. Also, it’s a big ask but why not throw out the idea for say water sports like rowing maybe you could be able to make a device that registers accurate speed and stroke rate. Alot of the dedicated units on the market are expensive because of the large wired waterproof computational unit but the actual sensor is very simple and just needs a computer to interpret the information. Some phones are water proof now and you can always buy a water proof cover plus you have the bluetooth technology. Definitely a niche market but they would sell if done right.

      1. Yes, I would be seriously considering upgrade for the premium if setting of the min & max with corresponding alarms would be in the package! You guys in the support, when can we get it??!!

  2. The app really sucks, beside regular statistic recording. Why cant you see your friends profile and add new friends??
    The fun side of training is comparing and competion – a basic app needs to fullfill these needs!!!
    The app needs seriously programming to fulfill the social (and extremely) side of training.

  3. So wrong to charge again when already paid out for pro version . just greedy bad business . I’ll stay with app that has same,but not cost more too.

  4. I often use the app to track indoor workout. Either run og cycling. It would be a great feature if I, at the end of a workout, could type in the distance i did.

    In other words: please give me an option to edit workouts on my phone…

  5. yes please do some testing before sending it to the rest of us. Don’t need another half cooked update like the routes update.

  6. “the primary feedback we received was that users had difficulty understanding the difference between the Pro app and Premium membership” you are retarded, if you think your users are that retarded…
    Everyone is aware of what you did(including yourself) which was “move” (this is the keyword here) features from “free” to “premium”. The very same features that got people to use free or pro app in the first place.

    how naive your users were to mention PRO app in their comments. They were also mentioning their naivety again by saying “we only bought PRO app because we love and want to support Endomondo, although the pro app did not had anything worth buying”

    sod the bloody premium, and go keep blowing your investors.

  7. How about credit for those who already bought both the Pro App and the Premium Membership? I would think those are your best customers, don’t forget about us.

  8. It would be useful if you add target ranges of pace or heart rate to training options. It’s pretty common goal – to stay in certain pace range or heart zone and let app to inform you if you fail to do so.

  9. There’s only one thing that i’m really waiting for and that is the ability to use the android app in off line mode with off line maps from google or other providers

    1. I wonder how much effort Endomondo is putting into solving problems and/or requests that users have been asking for years. Offline maps usage has been requested for years, however Endomondo does not even respond to such requests.

  10. I have upgraded to the new BB10 and I would love to get a version of Endomondo Pro for that platform. What are the chances?

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