Routes Got a Facelift

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Those of you using our Routes feature on a regular basis know that it hasn’t always been a walk in the park to search for a route or draw a new one.
Well, the long-awaited makeover of the Routes page is here and we’re making it easier for you to indulge your inner explorer. Everybody knows recommendations from locals are priceless when it comes to travelling and discovering new places, so let Routes guide you to the best outdoor spots for working out all around the world.
We encourage you to go to the Routes page and play around with the new functionality, but first, read through our short guide below on the new features and updated look.

Creating a route
Thanks to the Snap to Road feature, now drawing a route is fast and easy. Simply tick the Snap to Road box and start plotting points on your route. They will automatically connect by marking the shortest route possible on existing paths or streets, excluding highways.
If you need to mark points off the beaten path, you can disable Snap to Road and continue adding points to your route.
Snap to Road can be very handy if you would like to edit existing routes. For more details please click here.

Searching for a route
There are several ways to find the route you are searching for. Tab All Routes enables you to filter all the existing routes by distance and/or sport.
The green dots you see on the map above are route starting points. On the left side of the map is a more narrow search result – the top six routes selected by two criteria: first the featured routes, then the most tracked routes in the area.
Under the tab My Routes you’ll see routes you’ve created or marked as a favorite. If you track a workout and you want to use it as a route, access this particular workout from your training log on the web and click To Route in the More options menu. It will then appear in My Routes. To mark or unmark a route as a favorite, click the star next to the route title.
Friends’ Routes can be useful for inspiration and motivation.

The Share button gives you the option to share a route on Facebook or other social networks. You can also embed routes on your blog or a website.

56 thoughts on “Routes Got a Facelift

  1. this may be the same as attache route to workout being asked for – but specifically I want to import routes .
    i still cant seem to import a route using a gpx file into Endomondo. I have routes that i used to use in a different app ( mapmyride ) and decided to use endomondo instead this year. but the lack of this feature is making the switch difficult.
    is this being planned for ?

    1. Hi,

      Importing routes can be done with the following trick :
      – import the GPX file by clicking on “new workout” (upper-right screen corner) ; this will create a “fake” workout
      – open the workout created, click on “more options” and “link to route”
      – choose to create a new route from this workout
      – delete the “fake” workout

      This is quite stupid to have to create dummy workouts but that’s the only way to do it (as far as I know, on Endomondo it has never been possible to import workouts easily).

      Maybe you have already tried this GPX import trick, and Endomondo told you that no route is being recognized in your GPX file. This happens when the GPX is missing some data or not following GPX XML file format. You could try to use an online GPX converter to make it correct, or open/save your GPX file on your computer with a GPX editor like RouteConverter ( or CourseGenerator ( : in French, sorry)

  2. @uollas

    In training your page, choose your workout. Menu (see link Pierre, above) choose “Link to route”. You will be redirected to the page routes. Choose the route that you will make the link (this route should be equal to yours).

  3. AH at last, the “attach to route” is back. look at the actions above the map, there is a “link to route” item !

    Nice !

  4. I’m so missing this “attach route to workout”.

    Here is my “running process” :
    – I run with Endomondo android app and a Polar heart rate monitor (which is not supported by Endomondo app)
    – Back to home, I want to add the HRM data to my workout, so I have to export the GPX track from Endomondo
    – I merge the GPX track with the HRM data downloaded from the Polar device,
    – I import the GPX+HRM file in Endomondo (I could import it in Sportstracker or Runkeeper, but up to now, Endomondo is the fastest and nicest website)

    By doing this export/import, I miss the route attachement (which is lost during the import).

    So, this “attach route” function is REALLY missing !

    Please Endomondo team, provide an estimate on when are we going to get the attach workout to route feature back again. At least, let us know that you are working on it!!

    1. Hi, since this feature wasn’t working super well in the past, we need to re-do it completely. I will know more next week, if we start with its development right away or if it is postponed for spring. Thanks a lot for your support and patience. Cheers

  6. @endoeva you have mentioned a couple times that the team will work to implement attaching workouts to routes post workout will be worked on, but this is not addressing the fact that this was a feature that did exist prior to update. To me this makes the issue a bug and should have a higher priority, or I think the dev team owes the community an explanation why the feature was removed.


  7. The routes are really nicely redesigned on web, but where is the option to attach the workout to the already existing route, after I ran the exercise as e.g. Basic workout? Is this option gone?

  8. For some reason, after creating a new route, it shows the wrong distance. For example, this 14 mile route I just made shows up as being 8.7 MI in the route description. Any idea as to why this is going on?

  9. There’s a math problem with the route:

    While creating a route, the correct number of miles are displayed, however, when the route is completed and saved, the number of miles shown for the route has been divided by about 1.6. So a 13.1 mile run shows up as 8.18 miles or so.

    If you had traveled 13.1 km, that would be about 8.18 miles so it looks like some sort of a conversion error.

    Please fix that error.

  10. Agree with G!
    Very nice upgrade to the routes feature, but please bring back the workout and route connecting option, because I use a lot my routes and not always have it died to the route when i workout, but afterwards would like to connect is, to keep my statistics right.


  11. I want to know is how do I add to my workout in a route created by someone else. Example: There is a route created – Lagoa – 7.69 KM – Running – Created by João De Mayrinck – and this route is real. I added my workout this route, you can see that I’m the first in rank. After they changed the layout of the page no longer exists the option “Add route”. That’s it. Get the idea? Thank you.
    Exemple: The owner of the route is João De Mayrinck, I added my training in order to participate in the ranking of his route.

  12. I am not able to save the routes. It keeps saying, that i need to select a sport, even though I have selected run! Also the red alert ballon is somewhat out of the screen, which makes it impossible to actualy read what it says.

  13. I really like the new routes design. I have one problem though. I selected the wrong route for a workout. I can’t find any way to change it! It used to be that I could click “edit” in a route then see the list of workouts and assign workouts to that route. Now that option seems to be gone. How can I modify a workout to use the correct route? The only way I can see to do it is to delete the workout completely and re-enter it manually.

  14. These updates are great and I look forward to trying them. Especially adding photo. No can we have the same for our workouts as well? Sometimes when I travel I like to take pictures and being able to add a photo on a workout would be a great memory tool as well :-)

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