Customize the Audio Coach and View Your Friends’ Workouts with the New iPhone App 7.2.0

iPhone 7.2.0

The first Endomondo release in 2013 aspires to please our iPhone users as version 7.2.0 contains two of the most requested features in our community:

Audio Coach Customization (PRO feature)

All iPhone PRO app users can now customize the audio coach based on time or distance intervals and choose what parameters to get feedback on. You can choose whether the Audio Coach should be time-based (e.g. every 3 minutes) or distance-based (e.g. every 500 m). Distance can be set from 200 m to 10 km and time can be set from 15 sec to 20 min. You can also specify what you want to hear specifically, toggling on/off the following options: Distance, Duration, Lap Time, Lap Speed, Heart Rate, Avg Heart Rate, Avg Speed, Calories, and Goal. The order can’t be changed. Goal means “expected finish time” when selecting a time goal. The Audio Coach is per default on, and set up the same way as it has worked in previous versions. Go to Settings to change the Audio Coach.

View Friends’ Workouts

The details of your Endomondo friends’ workouts (the workout summary, lap overview and map) are now visible when you click on a workout in the News Feed. It currently works for finished workouts of your friends – not live workouts.

Download the app from iTunes

11 thoughts on “Customize the Audio Coach and View Your Friends’ Workouts with the New iPhone App 7.2.0

  1. The audio quality is very low, with harsh sound coming out of iphone speakers. Compare it to Nike or Runtastic wonderful feedback. There is a lot to improve!

  2. What to do, when audio coach doesn’t work?
    For example, it works when I do strides, telling me to run faster or slow down, but never says the lap information (I have a distance configuration)…

  3. How about bringing these features also to windows phone app? Last update was in July last year as far as I remember… Thanks in advance

  4. Why can’t I see some Friends’ workouts/ no sync.. These Friends have Samsung Galaxy phones (Android). Privacy settings ok.
    Regards P.

  5. Would also like ability to specify different voice options BY SPORT – for instance, while biking hear MPH for pace, but while RUNNING hear pace in PER MILE voice. Many sports have different measuring processes.

  6. Having done some a great job on the customisation of audio feedback, I hate to suggest any others but:

    1. Ability to choose the feedback from just one speaker
    2. Ability to speed up the voice, x1.5 and x2 as with spoken voices on the iPhone

    Maybe next time?

  7. Loving the new customization options for the audio coach in version 7.2! Hoping the auto-pause/auto-resume issues have been worked out, somehow, under the covers or something… (REALLY hoping for that). I mean really.

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