New Android App Update Offers Audio Coach Customization, a Step Counter and More

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We released a NEW update of the Android app – version 8.4.2. The new Audio Coach customization accommodates the two most requested features on our forum. We’re also bringing multiple languages and voices to the Audio Coach, a Step Counter, and the ability to view friends’ workouts and cadence directly in the app.You now have access to:

Audio Coach customization (PRO feature)

You can now not only customize what you hear in the audio coach feedback but also specify how often you receive feedback, based on either distance or duration.

You can hear feedback for any combination of the following parameters: Distance, Duration, Calories, Lap Pace, Lap Speed, Average Pace, Average Speed, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Cadence, Average Cadence, and feedback on your goals during and when you’ve reached your goal.

Step Counter (PRO feature)

The Step Counter (Pedometer) uses the accelerometer to measure steps. It works both indoors and outdoors. There are 2 ways to use the step counter: you can choose the “Step Counter” sport in the sport list, or you can choose a walking type sport (walking, hiking, fitness walking). If you choose a walking type sport and use GPS, steps will be counted automatically in addition to the distance being based on GPS. If you choose the sport “Step Counter”, which was designed for indoor use, GPS will be disabled automatically in order to save the battery.

View cadence in graphs (PRO feature)

To meet the needs of Endo cyclists, the cadence, alongside lap times, speed, altitude and heart rate, is now displayed in the graphs. This feature requires that you use cadence tracking device, alongside with our app.

Audio Coach languages and voices

With this new release, most of our users can enjoy audio coach feedback in their native language. The Android app supports multiple languages, and you can decide if you prefer free Pico voices or high quality paid voices from Svox.

We support at the moment the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Korean (we plan to add more languages later). Please note that some of these languages have to be purchased from SVOX.

View friends’ workouts from your news feed or friends list

The development of this feature signals a further shift in bringing more website features into the app. The details of your Endomondo friends’ workouts are visible right in the app and accessible from the news feed or friends list.

61 thoughts on “New Android App Update Offers Audio Coach Customization, a Step Counter and More

  1. I’m new to both the app and working out. Had a great few weeks but is there anyway for the audio coach to notify me when I’ve walked half a mile. Would love that bit of enouragment to push myself knowing I’m half way there.

  2. I bought a PRO version only becouse of step-counter. How can you just remove it, only becouse of ur own expectations? This function was fine for me, I was enjoing it. And I want it back!

  3. czy ktos mi moze wytlumaczyc co jest nie tak bo juz 2 raz jak wychodze na spacer wlaczam endo i po spacerze 8 km w 1h 15min pokazuje mi 19 km i predkosc prawie swiatla okolo 60km /h wczesniej bylo wszystko ok wie ktos moze co sie dzieje

  4. I just downloaded endomondo pro. Does it still record the workout while data connection off and will it be uploaded automaticly when data connection on? Coz i used nike+ and it didn’t record my workout when internet data connection off, and it such a bad thing.

  5. I have the Pro and the Premiun Endomondo services and have a Polar Bluetooth wireless monitor for heart rate monitoring. I have an issue regarding the use of the Pedometer which should be the main source of information along with the HRM for the ‘Treadmill Running’ activity.

    It should by default IGNORE the use of the GPS as it is pretty obvious that my location wont change during the workout and the GPS service is rarely available indoors.

    Only one location measurement when the excercise starts (either by GPS or even the WI-FI location service) could be enough to register the workout location into the map.

    The ‘Step counter Activity’ should not be an ‘activity’ itself BUT a mode applicable to the activities (specially indoor ones) such as ‘Treadmill Running’, ‘Treadmill Walking’, ‘Dancing’, etc.

  6. Agree with marceeeboy… Like to see updates to the Windows Phone app. Getting a announcement to buy premium services that aren’t offer on my platform, does give me a good feeling.

  7. What am I doing wrong? I can’t get Endomondo to tell me when I move from one heart rate zone to another. It tells me what my current heart rate is, but only on the distance/duration setting, whereas I want to know if, for example, my heart rate goes over 165 IMMEDIATELY so I can slow down (I’m 51 and not marathon fit, and my heart rate typically rockets somewhere around mile 15) rather than coming to a dead stop a minute or so later.
    Oh here’s another question – I don’t want Endomondo running in background all day after a workout. The only screen that I can exit from is the Workout screen. Please could you put the Exit on the menu button accessible from all screens?
    Endomondo Pro user, Android, Galaxy s3, UK

    1. Hi, i totally support this request

      “Oh here’s another question – I don’t want Endomondo running in background all day after a workout. The only screen that I can exit from is the Workout screen. Please could you put the Exit on the menu button accessible from all screens?”

      Currently the exit button just closes the window keeping the app running in background using more then 60Mb of memory…
      My phone isn’t usable with so much memory been used by an app I don’t often use :)

      Plz put 2 options, exit (real exit) and a backgound, keeping the icon in the “task bar”.


      1. I don’t want to die! Please can you include an alarm to let me know when my heart rate goes over 165? I don’t care what sort of alarm – it can be a plinkety plink, or a voice, or anything you like – I really need that alarm. Got back from a run this morning – max heart rate 172. That’s stretching it, and the next time I do this i might not be coming back.
        Obviously Endomondo wants to keep its customers. Can we extend that a little? Endomondo wants to keep its customers ALIVE?

  8. Hello!
    I have iphone 4s and endomondo pro. When I click on friends and I try to view workout, nothing happen. Why? Is possible to take picture in program?

    Beat regards

  9. When will the treadmill walking and treadmill running be in the app market for android? I am hoping to be soon since here in PR we do have a lot of raining seasons. I do know it is available on line but do want it in my phone.

  10. I was very disappointed when I saw that the functionality to skip the login was removed. Endomondo was usable without registering an account but now the app is kind of useless me (although I own the pro version). Are old versions available for download?

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback. We would like to know why you prefer not to be logged in, since it brings only advantages in our opinion. Thanks

      1. this is the same issue i reported… its not that we don’t want to log in, its just that its not always possible when you don’t have data or wifi! If you can’t skip the login screen, then you can’t use the app – thus its useless!
        We will always login once we get home of course, to upload the sata to the site – but bring back the option to skip the login when the app starts up (it used to work like that)… Otherwise will have to ditch this app in favour of another…

      2. Hi endoeva, Hi Matt,

        Having an account offers features I don’t necessarily need. My friends do not use Endomondo, so I don’t need to connect with them over Endomondo. Plus I don’t use a regular desktop computer that often anymore, so I doubt I would visit the Endomondo site very often to check stats on my trainings.

        All I wanted, the Endomondo app offered me without the need to create yet another account with a service.
        I’m sure we all know these situations where one has to create an account with a service and never ever uses it again.

        If Endomondo needed one to register an account from the beginning, I would consider it. But since I know the previous versions didn’t need it, I am sceptical.
        Plus, it is harder for Endomondo to interested new people in Endomondo if they cannot quickly try it out before registering an account.

      3. Hi endoeva,

        let me add something I forgot:
        I totally understand that is necessary to login to use the website, to sync workouts between the device and the website and to use all it’s stats and social features. I totally understand that and if I’m interested in these features, I’ll register an account in no time. And I totally understand that there is a reminder to login every now and then with the side effect of encouraging new users to login.

        But endomondo for me has more to offer than these cloud/social features.
        I used endomondo all by my self without being connected with the community. Endomondos wonderful audio coach and the beat yourself function were killer features for me that convinced me to buy the Pro version. All these things I could use without logging in and now thats not possible anymore.

        To use Endomondo with its full potential – and that includes community features as well – one has to login. Sure. But the set of features that do not require a login is so powerful, Endomondo would still be a great app, even if it was stripped of all its community/cloud/social features.

  11. Im waiting for music player intigration on note 2 . And for news feed intigration with the notifications before going pro.
    And it might be an idea if you could add support for the nike + thingy i have in my shoe.

  12. What’s the best/closest activity to select when doing Insanity/P90X/Turbo Fire type workouts? They’re such high intensity, I doubt any of the choices would really calculate accurately.

  13. May I ask you, what exactly Endomondo says when paused and then restored: It is “Time – something – paused” and “Time – something – restored”? I am not native english and as I listen to this pretty often, I would like to know, what it is. Thanks

      1. Hello endoeva, thanks for reply, but I know what this function does. I wanted to know what is the word replaced by “something” in my question, because I do not understand it.

  14. I have been tracking my runs and fitness on your site and just recently started to upload my tcx files from my ANT+ power meter. The only thing I am missing in my log is my power data, Any chance that this will be available in the future?


  15. Hi guys, Thanks for an awesome application. I was trying out the step counter today which is a great feature. However I’m a bit concerned about the accuracy on equation you are using to calculate KCal burned.

    5381 steps for 7h:57m:45s with the distance 4.03 km reports 1339 kcal burned. That figure seems to be way to high.

  16. my gps (samsung galaxy s) android is not good after your update….less 2 km at 10 km…’s not good….Depuis la nouvelle mise a jour mon gps de mon samsung galaxy s avec android n’est pas juste. il perd 2 km au 10 km de parcouru..

  17. Without changing a thing, audio coach just stop working with the new update..
    All settings seems to be ok in audio coach
    Do you experience the same issue or am i doing something wrong?
    I use a Sony Ericsson Xperia

      1. Thanks for the answer,
        After uninstalling and installing the app back, it seems that the bug is fixed. I many android phones, audio coach won’t work together with radio. Try my way… Uninstall and install the app back.

    1. I had the same problem with my Android and the new update. Installing the SpeechSynthesis Data Installer from the Play Store fixed it.

  18. Since the latest update, i noticed that locating of gps signal is taking long time and workouts did not post to facebook as before. You can see the workout in fb activity log but not on the timeline. It is also very frastrated to wait for gps signal for group activity. I am using samsung s2.

  19. My app auto updated, but this new version forces you to login before use – not very useful if you don’t have a data connection and are about to begin a race – I missed being able to use the App today for a race i really wanted to record. Why have you changed this!! Lose that ‘feature’ or I (and for sure others) will use another app! For people who don’t have data contracts and connect by wifi this just blocks use!

    1. Hi, that is not correct: if you prefer using only Wi-Fi, you can track offline and the workout gets uploaded when you get a connection. As for signing in, the app keeps you logged in even though you lose connection. Thanks

      1. I can assure you that the app would not let me use it until i’d signed on after the update – the first time i came to use it was before a race and at that point i had no data connection and so it wasn’t possible – there was no ‘skip signon’ as there used to be… I think you need to check that again…

      2. I reckon about 50% of the time when I’m about to start a workout it asks me to sign in with my e-mail address and password. Which is fine when I have a data connection and your website lets me sign in – but as Matt points out that’s not always the case. It took me three goes to get in yesterday when your site wasn’t behaving for a few minutes,,,

      3. I’m now ditching this app as it’s let me down too many times… The number of events that i wanted to record and i get there only to find i can’t becuase it wants me to ‘sign-in’ – totally useless when i’m away from wifi!! Not all of us have data contracts! …i’ve downloaded RunKeeper now and that doesn’t have this issue… I might come back if you fix it… Sort it our Endomondo, your app is just taking up space on my phone if it doesn’t work properly… :-(
        The app used to allow you to skip the sign-in and do it later when you did have a connection, but at least you could record your track… Just put that feature back!

      4. Hi Endomondo
        I think you’ve missed the point here. If you don’t start Endomondo until you arrive at the start of a race, you could easily find that it did a big update in the night and it now requires you to log in before it will record the race – which you can’t do on a race far away from data signals.
        Endomondo needs to allow people to run without logging into the account (ie after an update that resets user details) and then add the run to the account when the user is able to sign in

      5. I wonder if you are missing the point?
        I don’t start Endomondo until I get to the start of the race. If it updated in the night with a big update which reset my user credentials, then it will ask me to sign in. Many races are fairly remote, with no data signal, so Endomondo needs to accept that sometimes people can’t sign in following an update or may choose NOT TO sign in ever. It should record the run locally, then if someone decides to connect to an account, it should ask if the user wants all of the “unnamed” activities (the activities completed without an Endomondo account) to be uploaded. They might not – the phone might be a hand-me-down from big brother and they might want to delete the saved entries.

  20. If you set spinning to track distance and speed from either a power meter or cadence/speed sensor I’ll buy premium. It’s ridiculous that after all this time you still try to track distance spinning via GPS.

    Also the step counter is neat, but why not support ant+ step counters?

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