Discount on Premium for PRO Users and Some Insights on Future Plans

It’s been a few days now since we launched the new website design and Premium solution. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback – including a lot more negative feedback than we’re used to. While it’s impossible for us to reply to all posts, please note that we’re reading it all carefully, and we want to thank all of you for your input.

The frustrations related to parts of Statistics being moved to Premium are understandable. We should have told you about the changes in advance, and we wish we had – sorry about that. It was not an easy decision to do this but it will benefit all users in the longer term. This may sound like marketing BS but the truth is that there’s no doubt we get higher conversion this way and we need that revenue to continuously run and improve Endomondo. As much as we would like the PRO app and our ad revenue to pay our bills, it’s just not enough. Some of you are naturally asking: “What’s next?” and in the interest of transparency, here’s our plan going forward:

– No additional features will be moved from free to paid versions.
– Some of the new Premium web features will also be available on Android and iPhone within the next month or two. This is already included in the pricing of Premium.
– Within the next six months, we expect to launch additional Premium features and depending on the nature of these, we may increase the price of Premium at that time, but only for NEW users. Users that have already signed up will still be charged the current $19.99 per year or $2.99 per month.
– Instead of running our own webshop, we’ll partner up with relevant affiliate shop partners in our biggest markets. These partners obviously don’t get access to any user contact information whatsoever. This move will help us focus on the core and on improving Endomondo.
– We’ll continue to add new features to the free version on both web and mobile and the PRO app.

The monthly cost of Premium is $1.67 if you subscribe to an annual membership. We hope a lot of our users can afford it and find our service to be worth it.

To accommodate our PRO users, we’re reducing this price further for PRO users. Starting some time next week (UPDATE: See ETA at bottom of post), users that have a PRO app associated with their account, will get $4.99 in discount the first year when upgrading to the annual plan. PRO users that have upgraded to the annual plan before this change will get 6 months extra added to their subscription free of charge. PRO users that have upgraded to the monthly plan before this change will get 2 months added for free. We’ll basically just push the date for the next billing 6 and 2 months out respectively, so you don’t have to do anything.

It’s the season of Thanksgiving and we really do want to thank you all for your support so far. We hope you’ll support us on our future journey too and help us serve you all better longer term. Thank you.

By the way, some of the valued feedback we’re working on:
– Fix the bug in statistics causing some workouts to appear on the wrong day or not appear at all
– Re-introduce the weight entry box
– Make it possible to pay with PayPal

UPDATE Nov. 30th: It will take us a little longer to get the discount set up correctly due to technical issues. We’ll let you know in a new blog post as soon as it’s done! Thanks

56 thoughts on “Discount on Premium for PRO Users and Some Insights on Future Plans

  1. I don’t like the way Endomondo deceives users into paying for 12-months premium membership. I got a 3-month free membership buying Jabra headphones, so I upgraded my account to premium. To my great surprise, after 3 months passed they charged my card for 30 bucks for annual membership without even asking for my consent! It instantly made me feel robbed, and poisoned all the good feelings I might have to the company and its product.
    I cancelled the subscription immediately, however they say it will stay active for the next 12 months and the only consequence of cancellation is that they will not charge me again (thank you very much). I will insist on a full refund since I was tricked into prepaying 100% in advance and I did not ask for it.
    This way of making customers pay is unfair, to say the least, and looks like a legalized fraud. I am sure you have polished your user agreement with your lawyers to perfection, but still it does not make it less unethical. Guys, you are cons, shame on you.

  2. I know its a bit late( I`ve not trained due to illness) but this change is appalling. I PAID FOR THE FEATURES when I bought the pro version. I would rather go with another site, even a more expensive one, than give one penny, never mind one pound to a company that behaves in this way. I will cease recommending your site to anyone and will in fact warn them off it.
    This is verging on fraudulent.

  3. This is not acceptable. I already exported all my workouts. I think that this is a good time to give Sportypal a try. Thanks and bye bye!!!

  4. Been a loyal endo user for 2 years and yes a pro user at that. I think this is ridiclous and its time to now use nokia tracker. Just got to export all my data now. Thanks and bye bye!

  5. Hello… I asked a week ago how and when this deal could be accessed. Is it possible for someone from Endo to answer this? Thanks :)

  6. I feel a bit betrayed. Like many others, I paid some money to purchase the pro version. I did this to unlock some features that the free version did not have and now the people at Endomondo blocked exactly these features. So basically, I bought something that is now taken from me.

    Of course I understand Endomondo is a company and companies need to make money. However, I don’t think it is fair to take something away that people already paid for, even when it is a small amount like the fee for the pro app.

  7. I feel somewhat betrayed, because I paid money to obtain some ‘pro features’ that are now taken from me. It seems I can only get them back by paying more money.

    I don’t have any problems paying a fixed amount for a better app, but I am reluctant to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

  8. On the other hand I’m still looking for a free alternative for Endomondo providing similar statistics for the different running distances … any suggestion is highly appreciated :-)

  9. I bought rour app but I won’t pay por premium account. I’ve exported all my trainings to STL and I’m using Garmin Connect… FOR FREE!

  10. At first I was feeling like many of the other commenters on here… then I realised that I wouldn’t work for free, so why should they? They’ve outright said that their previous revenue plan did not work, so they had to change it. Recent Pro purchasers should be offered a refund imo, but if you’ve been using it for more than a few weeks you have had your moneys worth (I only paid a few $$ for it). It was either this, or continue losing money and then end up with no Endomondo at all. You can’t get mad if they offered something for free and then decided to charge for their work.

    1. The issue is not that they’ve started charging, but that they’ve taken features – and data – away from those who are already using it.

      By all means add new features and charge for them, but to hold customers to ransom is not on.

      1. The Pro app is not free, and many people bought it, used it… and now they can’t! (well they can, but without statistics which is pointless)… it’s not about the price, it’s about loyality and agreement with us. They have ads on pages, they run their own equipment shop where you can buy bunch of endomondo stuff… so they weren’t working for free… but they started to upgrade in wrong direction… who needs weather forecast after run?? or how much water I need to drink?? … the new update is major step back, it’s not improvement in any means. And now after update people complain that many things arent working anymore. Like stats are recorded wrong or missing workouts… I don’t mind paying for NEW features… but when I use something for like two years, and now I have to pay for just to check my 10k times on chart??!?

  11. At the prices being quoted I think that Endomondo represents value for money, I’d rather pay a small amount for a well supported service, than be left high and dry when good will and enthusiasm are no longer viable.

  12. Well, you ruined the iOS app (that I paid for), forcing me to stay with an old version, and now you’ve moved the stats stuff I use on the web app to a pay-only Premium version? You’re holding my stats hostage, with a ransom on their release.

    Shocking. I’ll be looking for an alternative, and once I find a way to export all my workouts en masse, I’ll be ditching you completely.

    You’ve made me look like an idiot for recommending you to my friends too.

  13. It´s time to say goodbye before my love to you becomes hate. We spent good time together, but our steps will go different ways, you with your accounting and me with my new sports tracker. BYE

  14. I have used Endo since march 2011 and i have pro version on my Android and i will not pay both for the app and the site. is there a app that have the same functionality but don´t mess with all members like they do now pay twice, what a joke!

  15. Hi Endo,

    Whilst your reading user input… Can you make it a feature for altitude gained to be collated and possibly allow challenges around this. Eg say i wanted to set up a team challenge to cycle height of Everest over 2013…

  16. I would like to get back the features which I have been bought in Pro version. At this moment I’m very disapointed and I feel that somebody (read endomondo) stolen my items which I paid for.

    Making business in this way is very unfair and until endomondo will not change their sale policy I will not tell not nothing better then their behave as rober. I understand that licence could change in long term but not in this way. I should have right and possiblilty to use last version which app or website features which I paid for.

    I hope you will change the way making business in near future

  17. I understand the plans and intentions of Endo, but before changes Endo, my statistics should be available for me. It’s not about the little money, but my results, which I are entrusted in Endo. After the changes I can pay.

  18. My last three workouts since the upgrade have had errors…during the walking workout the audio says zero minutes at each mile, and then at the end of the workout when the screen on my phone shows the distance, that distance reverts to zero as soon as I hit stop and exit the program. I’ve had to edit each workout’s distance.

  19. is there a chance that weight entries can be corrected if an error is made entering data. and is it not time that the weight data for earlier dates can be entered?

  20. I bought a version of the PRO 12 days ago. Now I do not have access to the statistics, which were available before. I feel like brand new car owner, requersted to return a car chairs (after a few weeks usage) – because were not included in price.
    I still can`t believe in that fact what endomondo did – it could be a joke but it is not.

  21. Can you please elaborate on this statement: “Within the next six months, we expect to launch additional Premium features and depending on the nature of these, we may increase the price of Premium at that time, but only for NEW users. Users that have already signed up will still be charged the current $19.99 per year or $2.99 per month”

    Does that mean if a user signs up for Premium today, they will be grandfathered into $19.99/year forever? Or does that just mean for the next year, and then they’ll have to pay whatever the increased price is when they renew?

    1. Hi Michael. Yes, if you signed up when the price was $19.99, you’ll be charged that going forward even though the price has gone up for other users. Cheers

    1. Hello, PRO users that have upgraded to the annual plan last week will get 6 months extra added to their subscription free of charge. PRO users that have upgraded to the monthly plan this week will get 2 months added for free.

      1. What about me I paid you £3.99 mid october basically for nothing how do I get my money back?

        Your company are no more than a bunch of thieves I feel cheated that you could treat customers in this way.

  22. Cheesy peeps, theres some fairly aggressive stances being made here. They’ve read and listened and met us half way. Give them a break, if you wish to leave do so, you will probably find they use everyone’s dollar sixty five (or less if your a pro app owner) and create some cool new features. How do start up companies stand a chance if they’re loyal clients desert them about a dollar a month, I spend more than the annual subscription driving my car to the start of a ride!

    1. Seriously, you’re exactly right. If having such a great website gets me motivated to go out for even one more ride a year, it’s worth every penny.

    2. You miss the point. It’s not about the amount of money. I’m sure every user here can afford a dollar a month. The point is that pro users were sold something they paid for, and now it is no longer available. That’s bordering on criminal, regardless of the monetary amount.
      Give them a break? Absolutely, I’m sure many people will. By going to the competition.
      How do start ups stand a chance? By creating value, not by ripping off their loyal customers.
      Enjoy your drive.

    3. To repeat the point made by others, it’s the dishonesty. To support them is why I bought the pro app. And why I bought my HRM through their store, even though it’s extremely flaky with my phone: I know how to make it work so I can live with it.

      I’m a contract developer, but I’ve never had the balls to change contract terms during a contract, arbitrarily. There would have been a negotiation. I would have implemented an “Export All” feature.

  23. Even if you make $1.99/year for Pros, it’s a deception.
    You’ve promissed, but now we can see price of your words – couple of dollars a month.

  24. Any chance other sports will be included in the Premium version? as one now it is mainly useless for Speedwalkers, as you do not view it as a result sport

  25. Ok, Nike+running is looking so much better now. The endo teams needs a constant revenue stream especially one that looks like a subscription. Their core app is neither competitive enough nor distinguishable against the multitude of sport tracking apps out there. In the end it’s understandable, and within the next months we’ll see if this is just an experiment or something to stay, whatever happens, if the endo team runs out of money, we have to run with another app. Sorry… It’s the economy of business. If we don’t like or care that we have to pay for stuff that was previously free, remember that nothing is free. I was upset with the changes. But then what really motivates me to use the app so far is the simplicity and the statistics. Do I value the statistics higher than endo wants to charge. Well,… no. Is Nike+running better? Try it! Cheers.

  26. Same here. Already exported all my workouts. I think that this is a good time to give Sports Tracker a try – too bad that it does not seem to have a batch import function…

  27. Until you restore the website so that I can get the features promised in my PAID for PRO version (which included tracking of my personal best), I will not pay for one nickel more.

    You have your position, I have mine.

  28. I said I was not agree on the free features going to premium, I said I was about going to a premium before these changes, now I’m not going to upgrade it despite the accounts, what’s more I always have been supporting you, recomending your app to everybody, personally and creating traffic and referals to your site via social network, (facebook and twitter) and my blog which had a special page for you. Now I’m unfollow you, have deleted all refereals, and use another app which publish my workouts on its name. Do you think that not offering those free features is worthy than that massive reaction against it? Think about it, other apps are improving features better and faster than you, but i always trusted on you, I know you need money, but not doing it that way. Btw the new design of site is awful in my opinion (I’m a designer) not practise, you need to click diferent places to get what you want, and site looks like an hospital, so bright, looks aseptic, it only works to make ads being more visible. I never thought I would say that but …. the same I have always recommend your app, now it will be out of my reccomendations, Ps. I’m a pro user, and you always want to know our opinion about improvements to do…. is it this the way you pay us back?? :-(

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