Endomondo.com Is Up for a Makeover

When we launched the new design on some of our apps, we were overwhelmed by the positive user feedback we got. As a natural next step, we wanted to update Endomondo.com too. While we’re not at all done with this task yet, we’re happy to show you how far we’ve come.

The new workout page design

Say hello to a:
– Better workout page (see picture above)– more aligned with the apps and more user-friendly. If you miss the large map from the old design, just click on the full screen icon in the corner of the map
– New workout filtering feature under Training and History (see picture below). The filter allows you to see lists of selected workouts only, e.g., workouts on a your favorite route, workouts in a given time period or within a specific sport
– 12 months stats view under Statistics
– Cleaner top-level navigation with a shortcut to entering a new workout
– Centered, more balanced site

Some of you will probably notice that we’ve made a change under Statistics too. Personal best history and training volume analyses have been free for some time now and while we’re keeping the most frequently used reports in the free edition, other reports in these sections will be Premium going forward. We want to underline, that we do this in order to continuously run and improve Endomondo for all users, and we will not move any other free features to the Premium package. Instead we have upgraded the free statistics and made it possible to see stats for up to 12 months at a time (compared to only six months previously). We hope you understand and we thank you for your support.

More free features will follow shortly.

The new filtering feature under History

Endomondo Premium

Speaking of Premium, you’ll also notice that we’ve added several new features as part of Endomondo Premium, the subscription package formerly known as Athletes Lounge. As a Premium member you get access to all online Endomondo features, you can say goodbye to external ads and you bump the line if you have any questions or feedback. Even though Premium is now much better, we’re lowering the price to just $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

Premium features:
Workout Comparison: Compare two or three workouts at once and get a better understanding of your performance.
Heart Rate Zones: View time spent in different heart rate zones to analyze your intensity and train smarter.
Peer Benchmark: See how you stack up against friends or compare your performance to other Endomondo users.
Weather Log: Get weather info included in your training log to see weather details for each workout.
Personal Best History: See how your personal best has changed over time and get an overview of your improvement.
Training Analyses: Analyze total training volume in detail with access to the full training stats module.
Ad free website: Enjoy Endomondo.com without seeing any external ads.
Priority support: Bump the line whenever you have any questions or feedback for us.

Learn more about the features here.

Feedback is very welcome in the comments as always – we read it all and appreciate your input!

113 thoughts on “Endomondo.com Is Up for a Makeover

  1. Somewhat puzzled by all of these responses. People are complaining because something they get for FREE is now going to be less FREE with some functions available for subscription. Endomondo, like any of these sorts of apps, is a business with bills to pay and staff to incent, etc. The money to pay the bills and pay for the development of the site has to come from somewhere and if the users aren’t paying for it, then the users are REALLY paying for it.

    Facebook is free to use, so long as you are fine with every single aspect of your life being tracked, dissected and sold to the highest bidder. I am not real happy with the notion of the attempt at increased integration between Endomondo and Facebook, I would rather pay to use Endomondo.

    Ask me to pay, but in turn don’t sell my details to advertisers and “market research” outfits.

    It’s bit rich complaining that you are “losing” something you don’t own, and don’t pay for.

  2. Extremely disappointed with the new route map. Even at full size, I can’t get rid of the graph below and cannot see a large, zoomed in version of the route I tracked with endomondo. The map was the main feature I used on the website, and now it is basically worthless for my purposes.

  3. Why can’t I see the kilometer lap time on my phone anymore? Instead it shows me km/h… useless in my oppinion!

  4. Really not happy, used to have endo on sony phone and enjoyed it, but a change of contract and move to iphone and have spent ages trying figure out where i had set up the iphone4 wrong , missed a page etc, only to find out eventually that the Endo clan could not resist trying make some money from sales rather than being happy with whatever they made from advertising and expanding that side of revenue. Well good luck because I will look at the other apps,,,nice shot in the foot Endo team !! Think from 95% of replies above you are getting the message you have messed up!
    Tony Suffolk UK

  5. Can somebody tell me why my workouts have gone missing? All the useless info like when I made friends with someone is still there so I know I’m logging into the right account.

  6. Interesting price increase for usually free services. What is everyones alternative preference in terms of running apps?

    – mapmyrun
    – runkeeper
    – e.t.c

    What’s your favourite alternative and why?

    1. I’m not happy with the new policy too, but I don’t think it’s nice, fair and correct to talk about competitors. I have found another nice app but I won’t write the name here on Endomondo blog.
      By the way, I still don’t know what to do. Time will tell.

      1. a greedy scam artist like Endomondo do not deserve “nice” users.
        SportsTracker Pro – try it, it even has a honest full export feature.

  7. Not too happy at present. Loved the free app. Paid for the Pro version. Stability seems to have gone downhill (though I haven’t had any trouble with it just recently so maybe that’s behind us). Now the free personal bests requires a regular payment. I’ll probably still use the app but won’t be recommending it to others like I have been…

  8. Not liking the fact you have now removed a lot of the information such as quickest times over certain distances and that you now have to pay to see personal bests etc.. App on phone no longer shows lap times either, think that’s the “end” in Endomondo for me will be looking to use one of the many other apps out there that provide all this info free of charge…

    1. The phone app DOES show lap times, and now it includes speed and heart rate for each lap too. Perhaps you missed that there are now two tabs: one for workout summary and one for lap times? (I’m using the 7.2.0 Pro app on iPhone by the way)

      1. Hi graham, I have the same version, by lap times I meant splits(time taken to complete each mile.) personally i think this is more beneficial than the current view of time after each mile. I know you can still see this info on the web version but would prefer to see back on the app so you can view after workout.

  9. when will you support multitasking between endomondo and other apps as spotify? Frustrading that this doesnt work. Works fine on iphone 4…;-)


      1. Im using HTC 8x with windows phone 8. Have seen somwhere that GPS cant multitask on this platform. Its possible to start the music first, then endomondo, but when endomondo annonces laptimes the music stops. This worked fine on iphone…

    1. Ah, windows – yes, that’s even wors than apple, if possible, when it comes to limitations.
      Sorry – all you can hope for is that microsoft one day catches up with the competition.

      1. yepp – nice phone but strange that they dont have a fix for such problems. Time will show if the this gets a solutions. So is life…

  10. Great to see time in HR zones for an individual workout. How can I see my time in HR zones summarized across multiple workouts by time period – eg by week, month or year?

  11. Gutted… This app no longer works. Since the last update it is completely useless. It doesn’t track and is inaccurate. Apparently I achieved 159mph on my Mountainbike!! I am now looking for a replacement and am gutted to lose all of my data. 😞

    1. At least before, you could export everything at once using a greasemonkey script, but I guess that does not work anymore. Anyway, just pack up and RUN before the tighten the lock-in even more, or reduce functionality even more, with such a hurry to cash in, that debugging/testing is skipped.

  12. I have been running for a year and have enjoyed Endomondo very much. It has given me the motivation to run and better myself. Considering what I pay for my shoes, gear and the time invested in this sport, its hard for me to complain about $20.00 a year that Endomondo charges. The thing I kind of miss with the new layout is seeing the runners from around the world in real time running mode. Sometimes it motivates me to get out and run when the weather is lousy or im tired. Bring it back please!

    1. Phillip: you are a great customer, business owners love you. I agree, my bike was about $5400 I bought it, me and TREK did business, now, if TREK suddently decided to charge extra for some of it’s offroad features, and stole back dampers and brakes, and wished to lease them back to me for $20 a year, I am sure some would pay up and be happy. Some of us, however, expet the deal to be honoured. And see a scam.

      1. Andre’, I see your point somewhat. Your great bike is a product you purchased and have complete control over it. Its a final purchase. Endomondo is a service. A company that provides a non stop daily service. Most people will keep buying their newspapers or expresso’s when they go up twenty five cents due to overhead cost and chalk it up to inflation. Sure Endomondo was mostly free, but for $20. a year? It’s the cheapest thing in this sport that I use.

  13. I don’t have a problem paying, but please fix the wrong dates in statistics asap, this happened to you guys a while ago when you did another update, so hopefully you can recover that bug as quickly as you did last time. Once thats fixed i will be very happy, but at the moment its very frustrating.

  14. Gah I should have realised when there was no export all workouts function that this was going to happen!!!! Locked in like a bitch. Thank you and good bye.

    Does anyone know of a greasemonkey script for the new layout to get all the workouts?
    Hell even if you charged $5 for all the workouts I’d do it to save time. Imagine that, people PAYING to leave you!

  15. So, basically, the new site rips off your good old customers !
    Are you trying to be hated, or just succeeding at it ?

    ANY decent company would let old customers keep the deal that they purchased, not REMOVE functionality to punish customers.
    You obviously do not stick to the deal you offered, you are NOT a trustworthy company to do business with. Add no option bulk-export – and I can dream up your next extorsion deal.

  16. I did not like the changes.
    I’ll have to pay for a function that already used?

    I like Endomondo so much, would buy the PRO application, but gave up because I do not agree with this change.

    I’m seriously considering moving to the Sports Tracker or Adidas miCoach.

  17. Very annoyed about you moving the personal bests to the premium subscription. I paid for the PRO version and now it seems that you are removing features I have already paid for and try to charge me another time for them. Seriously thinking about switching to Sports Tracker.

  18. Endo team just don’t care…No official statement or even response after so long period of time means only that they wait till we give up, stay or go away, and the money will start to flow no matter what. Politicians do the same, no response, wait till everything calms down, and then continue like nothing happened… this is sad…

  19. Can we please get an official response to the large outcry negative feedback & tell us if you intend to continue with this chosen course of action or not so that we can decide if we are going to stay with you or move on?


    1. Exactly my thoughts. It would be wise to do that fast. People tend to be impatient when it comes to clarifying your stand on such important things. At lest I am.

  20. :-D Just look at the bottom of the page, quote “Endomondo is a sports community based on free real-time GPS tracking of running, cycling, etc.”

    Not so true anymore…

  21. I will probably stop using Endomondo. Was only using it for the social stuff but do not intend to pay “just for that”. I am allready using other software with better/more features. I am just glad that I have kept my data elsewhere. This may be the end of endomondo. The wery unique features was that everyone could communicate – even if you were only running once a month. But these less active people will not look to endomondo anymore – also making it uninteresting for peolpe trying to get other people into exercising.

  22. I’m very disappointed to pay for the old services witch were free in the old release !
    I’m looking for a great free one. I’ve yet pay for the Iphone !

  23. I’ve always been a happy user but lately I’m becoming more and more annoyed with the direction Endomondo is taking. The App updates have been increasingly losing features, not gaining them and now the web site is stripping out simple stats that used to be free, but now I have to pay for it?

    I have no interest in paying for details that I used to get for free, especially since I can get this type of information for free with other services. It’s very disappointing and I’m likely to stop using Endomondo.

  24. I totally agree to Thomas: The old design and content was much more clear and moving free functions to paycontent is very disappointing. The statistics and personal best was one of the most helpful functions and made the difference to other free sport trackers. Now to me endomondo is going to lose its advantage :-(((

  25. I´m very disappointed with moving already free stuff to premium and pay-content. The old content was much more clear and appealing to me. Thums down. :-((((((

  26. To put it shortly – you blew the page, the one before was better. Way better. I don’t see a single positive thing in the updated page.
    You set the lines for endomondo for being a friendly app, now you want to build a worldwide coorporation on these lines. From my view, the thing got out over your heads.

    If you change things to worse, and take what was initialy based as free and make it payable, respect a revolt.

    I am backing up my workouts as I’m writing this and will export them to other app.

  27. Well if you’re really reading these like you say you will be seeing the flood of dislike for this complete and utter DOWNGRADE!!!! Its one thing to add new services and charge for additional features, but to pay for what you’ve all ready given? Thats worse than a cable or cell company. Its called grandfathering people! The market is flooded with options; daily mile, strava, adidas micoach,sportskeeper, runkeeper, roadrunner… to name a few a very few in the hundreds of options). You’re hurting no one but yourselves, as you’ll find people who want the features that you’ve taken wont contribute $20 they’ll start using a site that remains free. You’ll keep the people who don’t use the elaborate features so don’t care or even notice the $20 charge.

  28. Can I get a refund for the Pro App, features that I paid for are now gone…

    The old layout was better, with more information, larger map etc.

    I might try some of the other alternatives; RunKeeper, runtastic and Sports Tracker look promising.

  29. So now you want me to pay for features that I already had provided with the pro app. Sounds like a rort to me, what you’re selling I ain’t buying. See you next Tuesday.

  30. The new interface is cool, but, after the webpage update the stats and graphs for my workouts are wrong. For example, the ‘Fitness Measurements’ plots have my entire workout history is offset by one day. When I log a new workout my morning workout get filed under yesterday and my even work out as today. When I look at the ‘History’ section the dates are correct. I can find errors on just about every page.

  31. I`ve decided to support Endomondo by upgrade to PRO version approx. 2 weeks ago. But after launch new version of website with extra payment to check average speed on weekly/monthly trainings, I`m dissapointed a lot. I think that Endomondo would challenge me again … to find another software. I`d thank you for last 1,5 year, but good bye I don`t want to be suprise in future that for a few months I new payment will be implemented for example to get acces to my historical training ….

  32. So Endo, offer some respectful discount to your Pro customers and everyone else, is 1.67 USD a month really so fatal to your finances that you need to throw the toys out of the basket and run away completely from something that really is very good?

  33. Right, some sense of proportionality is required here, and a little give on both sides. If you care enough to write here you are probably a regular user like myself. I am not over enamoured with the screen layout in the workout pages, its slow to load the map and previous arrangement made more information visable on the screen.

    That aside there is the small matter of revenue for the people who bring us this app which many of us have and do love and which we have probably influenced our friends and peers to buy.

    It might be prudent for us all to remember that nothing is for free and the facilities that Endo provides we would have all spent an awful lot more money to procure only a few years ago.

    Endo should also acknowledge those of us whom have paid for the pro app and offer the cost of the pro app back to those whom become premium members.

    I have decided to become a premium member, I am very grateful for all the benefit I have had from Endo over the last year. I have gone out to train on days I would normally have not surfaced from under the covers just to keep my milage up in a personal or public challenge.

    So Endo

  34. sorry, but this is not acceptable and you’ll lose many loyal customers am afraid ! charging for what was free before is not a good recipe … Also your new “free” version is not working properly. the maps on the workouts not appearing, etc – same issues that we had with the previous upgrade, so am afraid, time to switch now …
    very sorry !

  35. I love the new interface and I don’t even really mind having to pay for some things I had for free before. What I do mind is that the statistics are all messed up. When you look at the “Statistics” section the total miles is off by about a week. I have double checked this by manually adding the totals in the “History” section for what would be the correct time period and they are definitely off. It is throwing me off and hopefully I am not the only one with this issue.

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback, we are really glad you like the Premium. We are very sorry about the statistics bug, we are looking into it right now and we hope that it will be fixed very soon. We will give our users heads up here: http://gsfn.us/t/38wkb

  36. I’m sorry Endomondo but this is unacceptable.

    Think of the seemingly exponential growth that you’ve been experiencing, your milestone of 10 million users, 3 million since the start of 2012 alone! (as of June) – all this achieved with minimal changes to the service. And how have you been so successful? Mostly by word of mouth because of the fantastic edge you had over your competition – FREE comprehensive statistics.

    You say, “As much as we would like the PRO app revenue to pay the bills, it’s just not enough to pay for a team that is large and competent enough to keep adding new features” (Facebook)

    And here is an outcry from your users asking you to keep your features the SAME. If you want to add exciting new features – make them Premium and please allow us the service we signed up for (see Facebook for most of the discussion).
    (Also what about your previous Premium access revenue? ADVERTISING revenue with site traffic like yours!? Does that count for nothing?)

    – Instead of angering your large user base and making your product far less attractive to new users AND removing the only real edge it has over your competition, you may be better off stopping and thinking more about what you are doing and other ways you could approach this. Maybe you should reassess your priorities.

    In the words of Mette Lykke “what sets Endomondo apart is the primary focus on the social interaction that drives fitness, and attention to user feedback”… please listen to us or you may not find us here much longer.

  37. I was sentimentally attached to Endo… I started using it when it was a Java app. I started running with it and it kept me motivated all the time… and now all my history, my first(!) run, my first 10k, first half marathon are gone… my progress and statistics are gone (I was PRO app user)… I’m going for adidas miCoach it has many more features that Endomondo will not have in a long time. So it’s time to start new workout plan with miCoach, with the Endomondo workout history stored in my legs:)
    I won’t pay to see MY statistics of all MY previous workouts which I HAD acces to till now? I dont care about weather! It’s silly I have to pay, to see what was the weather when I was out, yeah, sometimes I don’t notice the rain or freezing cold while I’m out but please…!? “Oh, it was raining! Interesting” :) Statistics were previously free. And now I don’t have acces to my “one year of running” history… I can only see how I performed during 5k runs… but Cooper tests 10k and other distances are locked. And I’ve bought android Endomondo PRO application, and now they want me to pay again to see my stats via web. I hoped Endo team can watch and learn from their competitors, but It turned they choose to go another way… and I’m not going… running with them anymore! Good bye Endomondo! I’ll miss all my workout history, but it is useless if I can no longer follow MY OWN personal statistics and have to pay for that I have become a better runner (“so you run more than 5k, pay us!” I think it’s a matter of time when you make people pay to have Endomondo App working while they run faster than 5:20/km)… You have just helped me to switch to Adidas miCoach… I’ll just have to repeat all my past year workouts :) which will be fun I’m sure…

  38. I started to run earlier this year only because my firends were using Endo. Now I am more into running, I can make 15 km without loosing my lungs, I bought shoes, HRM, etc. Free Endo for Android was all I needed but I bought pro to say ‘thank you’, even I had no HR zones, workouy planning, audio coach configuration, peptalks in my language (Polish) and many features which I can easily find in for example ‘micoach’, etc.

    Now I open the website and I see that I have to pay to see my Cooper and to see how my firends are performing. I still can’t export workout data drom my Suunto, I still need to have extra equipment while running because Endo does not offer so many features… Come on! Make at least a discount for mobile pro users…

    Wish you all the best but I feel bad as an existing customer being taken out features I had for free. When I was registering with Endomondo I accepted some conditions and now you change them. It is like the car I bought sudenly asks for money if I want to see speed I am driving.
    Theorethically possible if general rules and conditions are formulated properly but extremely unfair.

  39. I like the new look. One slight criticism is that it some parts don’t work too well on tablets and other touchscreen devices (e.g. the “More Options” button on the workout page only responds to hover, not a click) and some of the button are a little small.

  40. I think you blew it. Website UI update is ok, But there’s no real value in it for me. I feel downgraded to “Pro”. Wan’t our money? Give us something extra without taking away stuff from you loyal customers. And now we are at it: The iPhone update makes the Endomondo app more difficult to handle – too many fancy icons. Get some help…

  41. Very not happy about removing bests results. Not is not fair. While you say it will stop there there is no garantee that something else will be moved to premium.
    Make this for a new customers not existing.

    1. I agree, very sad that the old customers must also pay. The new look is ok I am suddenly missing a lot of my data from the stats pages (basic stuff like a couple of months worth of spinning and weight training).

  42. As Susanne already said, it is annoying to go to settings just to enter new weight. When it comes to areas being locked unless premium, also understand the rationale, but I’ll have to think it over. Already bought pro app on my smartphone…

  43. The new look is great I am suddenly missing a lot of my data from the stats pages (basic stuff like a couple of weeks worth of running).

  44. I’ve probably all of the GPS tracking websites (I won’t mention them here), but currently endomondo is on top. Nice clean lay-out, a lot of features, and support for many sports. I’m not a premium member, perhaps you should enable paypal or other paying methods for the non-credit-card users.

    What I liked about the previous version was the big map with some statistics on top, maximizing the available space at once. I like the new icons and inclusion of the PRs in the history. Too bad the Personal Best are left out (but understandable), and Best Distances of a workout are not immediately visible.

    Furthermore a small feature request: currently the privacy of a single work-out has to be edited afterwards rather than entered while manually entering. Perhaps privacy could be included there.

  45. I’m stunned that comments all over the web are negative and comments here are all positive. So consider this a test:

    I got the application because it promised integration on the web. Now you are charging for this, after I gave you money for the pro application (twice). This is blatantly dishonest.

    So I’ll be leeching off your website until you reverse this decision. Which I know won’t happen.

    A reminder of what you promised:
    If you sign up, all data is sent automatically to your personal training diary and the social fitness network at http://www.endomondo.com. This is the place to analyze your training, compete against your friends, follow others live and communicate with active people throughout the world, no matter what GPS phone or tracking device they are using.

    Good luck.

  46. The new interface is nice but making features previously free into pay-features is really a bad move. My guess is that it’s the workout history and more important the personal bests on endomondo that keeps many from straying to the competitors site and if you suddenly can’t access that anymore they might see no reason to stay on.

    People are fickle these days so it’s a risky move with so many similar competitors.

  47. It would be a refreshing change if for once a company would not resort to public relations BS such as “we do this in order to continuously run and improve Endomondo for all users” when what they really mean is “we have now reached the volume of users, and their stored data, that allows us to move to the next stage of our business plan and start charging for features that we have made the users accustomed to having”

  48. On workout page, slide “workouts, history, stats and peer” buttons to the right, inset in the new space calender controls. Ditch the huge calender controls, top right, put the workout info there, along with options to edit and export. Slide map to left and put best distances and comments back where they used to be on the right.

    The new look is great but layout is awful. You have to go hunting around for all the info that used to be on the one page.

  49. Is there a possibility for the European people, who have no visa card payment option to another, for example the ideal or maestro.

      1. Great job: you are studying new method of payment, but you aren’t studying for give us our stadistics…
        Alternatives: Runtastic, Runkeeper, adidas myCouch, Nike+ running…
        Endomondo just lost a lot of people…

  50. Its very unfair to take some of the features we always use and put a cost on them. The personal bests section was a very key feature and I’m very disappointed to see that you’ve now put a price on it

  51. Love the app and site and it really has enhanced how I train and workout. Sure I am sad to see some of the features that I enjoyed using for free are now ‘premium’ features (even after purchasing the PRO App) but I understand development of your product isn’t cheap nor is running of the site.

    Looking forward to exciting new features in the future.

    1. I paid for the pro ap that I didn’t really need, just to give props for a good ap. This new site and changes seems like extortion. Fail.

  52. I love the new look :-)
    But before I could enter my weight in the Fitness area. This seems to be missing??
    I now have to go into my settings to change my weight. This is a bit irritating, will it be changed?

  53. The new look is great, and I’ve just subscribed to Premium – only available in USD I see. I do hope you can make Premium available in other currencies at some point.

    1. Disappointed to discover that Peer Benchmark is limited to a subset of sports (what is the rational for that???) and that my sport (walking) is not included.

  54. I own Endomondo PRO and I was happy with this excellent stuff, but from today I didn’t found all my stats above 5km – all of it became paid. Why? You know guys, this is deeply frustrating to see such “surprising improvements”. It’s just not fair and low enough to squeeze your existing customers such way and I still don’t plan to subscribe to new annual fees.

    Sincerely, such negative impression I didn’t experience during a long time, sorry. I’ll wait for a while to take a look if it worth to stay…

  55. Removing speed and heart rate info from the free statistics will certainly motivate new users to select one of your competitors that offer this basics (speed) and even advanced features (heart rate) for free. Likewise, me as a half-year user will have to switch. I see your need to create revenue but why not achieve this with new premium features instead of removing basic functionality.

  56. Loving the new clean look! Just a quick question about heart rate, if I were to import workout data from another source, e.g.: Bryton Rider35, would the heart rate data logged via the device be available for analysis on the Endomondo website? I use both the Rider35 and Endomondo (Nokia) to track MTB training sessions. I also have Endomondo Pro on my Galaxy S but don’t use it that often because I’m worried about wrecking the phone.

  57. Sorry, but I don’t like it. Previous look was far more clear in the workout table.
    Furthermore, you moved the wheather info, workout stats (avg.pace,avg.pace,avg.heart rate, total workout, etc) only for Premium users (payable).
    Big black dot from my side, because the app is going payable.

  58. Also, you can demand $1 payment per workout. Or another proposition – user must pay $0.10 per kilometer. Read your official FB page to know what people think about this downgrade.
    Thanks for former service!

  59. The website looks great, it’s just very annoying that so many stats are now part of the premium service…although I do appreciate the rationale behind it.

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