7 Ways to Un-Slump Your Slump

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Have you lost your luster for working out? It happens to the best of us and often times it’s harder to get our of your slump than to fight against succumbing to it. Luckily, Garry Stafford (who thinks cycling and math are one in the same) has seven helpful tips on how to pull yourself our of your exercise slump. 

When you’re in a Slump,
you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself
is not easily done.
– Dr Seuss

Lately I’ve been working out. Riding my bike. Eating well. Buying smaller clothes. Feelin’ really good!

Then. It happens.

A Slump shows up.

Like an old college buddy, Joe Slump saunters in, flops on your couch and polishes off a bag of chips and a 12-pack.

No invitation. No RSVP.

Great. How’d I get so lucky?

Joe Slump’s Effect

When Joe Slump settles in your workout becomes even less than routine. Energy goes through the floor. And those extra pounds? They latch on even more.

Let’s face it, Slumps suck.

And unless you have a little heart-to-heart with Mr. Joe Slump, ain’t a very good chance he’s moving out anytime soon.

I thought only others were invaded by Joe Slump

A little over 6 months ago my doc said I had a touch of heart disease (A touch? It felt more like a left hook!). I had a choice. I could change … or not. Since I want to be in my kid’s lives as long as possible I decided on change.

WANTED to change.

So I didn’t think any Slumps would be messin’ with me. Because this is it! Dude, I’m changing for good! I’m gonna be this guy.

Now. 6 months in and the honeymoon’s over?

No way! I wasn’t giving up that easily.

Here’s how I kicked Joe out, and how you can too.

7 Ways to Un-Slump your Slump

(Warning: First get checked out by your doc to make sure it’s not a serious slump.)

1. Call in the Emergency Personnel. Your close friends or workout buddies. Let them know you need help dumping your Slump.

2. Keep workin’ it. Joe hates grunting, huffing and puffing, running shoes, bikes, veggies, protein bars and early morning alarms. Pretty soon he’ll be begging to leave.

3. Get something new (or used). A couple of shirts or some bike shorts. Put ‘em on, take a look in the mirror and tell Mr. Slump he’s outta here!

4. Check for the payoff. You think there isn’t one? Are you snaggin’ Joe’s chips? Or when Mr. Slump yells, “Dude, have some brewskis with me, man!” Couple a beers won’t hurt right? Watch out. Joe’s gonna win.

5. Take a break. For a couple of days. The more you fight, the more energy you use. Being negative only delays Joe’s departure. And you’ll be refreshed when you return.

6. Go back to where you started. Take that run or ride you did at the beginning. The comparison shouts improvement! You ARE healthier. You ARE stronger.

7. Track your progress. Use technology to help you track your progress. LikeEndomondo.com. You can track what you’ve done and how far you’ve come. Take that, Mr. Slump!

Yup. Slumps show up. Have you checked your couch? If he’s there try my Un-Slumpers.

And before you know it you’ll be telling Mr. Slump…
The time has come.
The time is now.
Just go.
I don’t care how.
– Dr Seuss

4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Un-Slump Your Slump

  1. I think it helps to have realistic but challenging short and long terms goals: My long term goals for 2012 were to complete 50min 10k and 1600miles of pure running in a calender year. The short term goals helps me achieves it

  2. Other than point 7 – that i can vouch REALLY works, the rest is just useless advice….I should know chased Joe Slump out pretty recently myself – and LOVE being single again :D

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