Endomondo By The Numbers

Did you hear we hit the big 1-0, as in 10 million? We’re beyond thrilled to have 10 million downloads thanks to our awesome users! If 10 million isn’t impressive enough then you’ve gotta check out what other numbers our users have helped us achieve.

32 thoughts on “Endomondo By The Numbers

  1. 75% users outside US. Well, then please use km not miles in your announcements! It is just silly to comply with the US standards when the modern world uses the metric system. (Of course in the apps it should still be possible to choose which system to use)

  2. I am really annoyed by the challenges that are based on “calories burned.” It is impossible to accurately determine how many calories an individual burns because it is not an exact “science.” So many factors will affect an individual’s “calorie burning” (which is pretty much a bogus concept anyway) including personal metabolism, all sorts of physical conditions (such as temperature, wind, hills,) type of fuel a person is utilizing (glycogen vs. ketones). There is no way to make a competition fair using “calories burned” as a criteria. Finally, who cares how many calories you are burning even if it were possible to accurately measure?

  3. Have the problems been fixed yet (gps) in this pro version? I have heard it stops tracking after a short distance. People who upgraded whished they had not.

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