How To Make A Workout Playlist

How To Make A Workout Playlist

Music and sports just seem to go together. There’s nothing like a great song to give you the extra burst of energy you need to push through a rough workout. We’ve got a sure fire way to make sure you always have a great playlist every time you slip on your running shoes. All you need is the right placement of songs and you’ll be good to go!

How To Make A Workout Playlist:

  1. Warm Up Songs. Every good workout playlist needs a track or two that will ease you into your workout. Think upbeat but not too fast, this is the kind of song you need to be able to warm up your muscles to.
  2. Get Going Songs. Fill your playlist with songs that motivate you to move. These songs should get you going and help keep you at a steady pace.
  3. Push Harder Songs. Add songs that get you to push yourself harder. Think of these songs as your interval motivators. These are best to add in between your “get going” songs.
  4. Recover Songs. Add these songs to help ease out of a “push harder” song and when you’re coming to the end of your workout to gradually lower your heart rate.
  5. Cool Down Song. Add a song or two at the end of your playlist for stretching after you’ve finished your workout. Pick something your find relaxing to help you back down to your resting heart rate.

For example, your playlist could look something like this:

  • Warm Up
  • Get Going
  • Push Harder
  • Recover
  • Get Going
  • Push Harder
  • Recover
  • Get Going
  • Push Harder
  • Recover
  • Cool Down

Don’t be afraid to fill your playlist with a lot of “get going” and “push harder” tracks, those are the songs that are going to get you to sweat and help you burn calories just remember to add some “recover” songs to give your body a little break every now and then. Need earbuds to help keep you moving? yurbuds is giving away five awesome prize packs for burning calories!

What are your favorite song to break a sweat to? Let us know!

23 thoughts on “How To Make A Workout Playlist

    1. Hi Nicola, as part of our continuous process of improving our service and simplifying our user experience, we have chosen to remove the playlist from all our apps for the time being. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy Endomondo anyway and please let us know if you have any questions. Cheers, Daniela

      1. Hi Rachel, as part of our continuous process of improving our service and simplifying our user experience, we have chosen to remove the playlist functionality for the time being, but you can still play music on your iPhone 6+ while using the app. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy Endomondo anyway and please let me know if you have any further questions. Cheers Daniela

  1. I am about to give up endomondo since my favorite sport app shut down spotify as the training start (WP9 Nokia Lumia 620). Such a shame…

  2. recently found out that some of my friends log not only calories, pace, track but also playlist. I think it is working only on Android and similar devices. Playlists log does not work for iphone. I have an Endomondo Pro application and upgraded to Pro user, but seem no difference, still not working….

  3. Haven’t seen an app that does it all, and I’ve tried on a lot of them. For me – I have my playlist on the iphone. I get Endo loaded with my workout, turn on the music, switch over to Endo, hit Start, and I’m off. It takes less than 10 seconds to start up Endo.

    Or, I start up one of the Pandora workout mix channels then start Endo. There are so many music services on so many different platforms I think it would an exercise in futility for Endo to try to support them all.

    Oh – and my favorite running music – Foo Fighters and Black Keys

  4. I gave up using endomondo because of the iphone music player incompability, it´s not integrated and I can’t access the music library or my playlists with the workout. Unfurtunately RunKeeper is the app that solved this problem.
    Good bye Endomondo, I’ll see you when you resolve to be smart!

  5. Tokyo Police Club’s “Champ” is an awesome album to run too! the first song is great for easing into a run and it keeps up a good pace all the way through

  6. Agreed with some previous comments, Alternative to your phones own music player – a spotify integration would be magic here.

  7. The title of this says: “How to” bu t actually it doesn’t teach how to.
    I’m using Iphone app btw, and I can’t figure out how to use playlists.


  8. I love listening to music when running and cycling. My fav exercise songs are:
    Steve Aoki feat Wynter Gordon – Ladi Dadi
    Sade – Love Is Found
    Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera
    Maroon 5 – Harder To Breathe
    Loreen – Euphoria

    1. Exactly! I have a “power tracks” playlist that I use all the time, it would be great to be able to compare it with other people or even listen to the same music when cycling in group. I think it is possible to include spotify in the app?

  9. I think the app for iphone is lacking an integration with the iphone music player or the ability to access the music library and associate some playlists with the workout. Looking forward to see this feature on my endemondo pro app in the near future.

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