What To Do After Your Workout

What To Do After A Workout
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You’ve finished your workout and you’re feeling good but don’t throw in the towel and flop down on the couch just yet. You still have a few things you need to do when you’re done burning calories. Here are the five things we always do after a workout:

What To Do After A Workout:

  1. Cool Down. After a workout you shouldn’t abruptly stop once you’ve hit your target time or distance. Cooling down is necessary to bring your heart rate down and to prevent muscle cramping or soreness.
  2. Hydrate. Not only do you need to keep hydrated while you’re working out but you need to hydrate after as well. You’ve lost plenty of water during that cardio session and hydrating while you’re resting is just as important as staying hydrated while you’re working out.
  3. Stretch. Do your body a favor and stretch during your cool down. You’ll avoid being sore and hey, it feels good too!
  4. Refuel. Your body needs to refuel after a workout and that means you need to eat. Why would you eat when you want to lose weight? You need to eat to get back that lost energy and keep your muscles in tip top shape. You don’t have to gorge yourself, getting a little protein after a workout is what your body needs.
  5. Review. Want to see results after your workout? Us too. That’s why we like to review our progress by checking out our workout history on Endomondo.

What do you like to do after a workout?

13 thoughts on “What To Do After Your Workout

  1. For me, the best thing to do after workout is to cool-down. A 5-10 minute cool down is necessary to bring your heart rate back down to a normal rate, lower your body temperature, as well as help prevent blood pooling, muscle soreness and cramps.

  2. I just drink some low-fat chocolate milk. Tastes better than those shakes and is also full of minerals and proteins! And of course stretching, walking etc. And a nice shower, not too hot and not too cold.

  3. I work out mostly in the evening, so I enjoy grilling a chicken breast and cooking fresh veggies for a light after workout dinner…

  4. After my workout routine I usually drink some water to hydrate myself. Then I eat some fruits (1 banana and 1 orange) and drink a protein shake to help my muscles recover faster.

  5. We like to drink water, our sport drink and stretch. Then I like to seat at an outdoor cafe and have a good replenishment breakfast.

  6. Immediate homemade carb/protein/etc shake and stretching…. then follow the pro’s mantra, “Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down.” Job done :)

  7. No matter the workout (running, lifting, something else) I always go for a mile walk just to cool off. I drink a protein shake and take some fish oil and feel great :)

    1. Protein shake and fish oil??? What are you?? Man or mouse? You need to man up (even if you’re a woman you still need to stop wasting money on rubbish). Just stop exercising abruptly, get on with life and deal with a bit of discomfort in your limbs. You need to bin that lump of cotton wool rapped around you – your body ain’t a temple and you’ll be dead pretty soon anyways.

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