Interval Training Added To Endomondo iPhone App

News Release: As Endomondo Users’ Most Requested Feature, Interval Training Upgrades Sports Tracker’s Ability to Support the Most Demanding Workouts

When Endomondo asked users of its Endomondo Sports Tracker iPhone app for the feature they’d most like to have in the next version, interval training was at the top of the list. Today, Endomondo delivers on that request.

Available exclusively in the paid Pro version of Endomondo Sports Tracker, the interval training feature lets iPhone users create custom workouts by defining intervals and includes an audio coach to guide them through each step. Available free to Endomondo users who already have the Pro version, the interval training feature is the latest example of how Endomondo Sports Tracker turns the iPhone into a full-fledged personal trainer and social fitness partner.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is also available for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and several other operating systems. That cross-platform design makes it easy for users to turn workouts into a social activity, providing the additional motivation, interactivity and fun that are key for maintaining an active lifestyle.

“Interval training is an effective way to improve performance,” said Mette Lykke, Endomondo co-founder. “This addition shows how Endomondo Sport Tracker continues to be the must-have app for making exercise more social, motivating and fun.”

Last month, Endomondo added interval training to its Android app, as well as a multi-platform sync feature that automatically updates workout statistics across multiple platforms for easier tracking and social sharing.

About Endomondo

Founded in 2007 by a team of fitness enthusiasts, Endomondo turns mobile devices into full-fledged personal trainers and connects users to a vibrant social fitness network where people can support, motivate and challenge each other and share results. The Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app, which utilizes GPS technology, records a full history of workouts and can be used for any distance-based sport. Additionally, the website provides users with a personal portal — incorporating performance tracking tools, an extensive atlas of exercise routes around the world, connection to the Endomondo community, and more. Available on seven mobile platforms, Endomondo operates on almost all GPS phones. For more information, please visit and follow @Endomondo on Twitter.

Media Contacts:
Jim Llewellyn, for Endomondo

Mette Lykke, Co-founder of Endomondo

21 thoughts on “Interval Training Added To Endomondo iPhone App

  1. I would like I ask you to add more complicated training plans to Endomondo.
    I mean 3k, 5k and half or even full marathon plans.
    As a pro and premium user I really need this functionality.
    I believe, that your training plans can utilitise the information about my speed and heart rate to inform me to speed down or up.
    Another possibility is to let application to match the best my training eg when I want to to loose my weight. In that case your application could moderate my training by informing me when to walk or jog. But, It will be perfect if this information is dynamic not static. This new advanced solution will adopt the training to individual and it will match the best the aim of the training. It will be a real personal trainer!!!
    I believe you can do that soon.

      1. Any news on this? Tomasz had an excellent suggestion. You could also get a general fitness level through the recovery times of heart rate and use that to steer training plans…

  2. I’ve got some trouble using the interval application which I just purchased – I don’t know how to use it? How do I turn it on? Can’t see it when I choose what type of exercise I wanna do?
    Hope you’ll se this message – hope to receive an answer.

  3. H Kevin, did you get the interval training to work? I just downloaded it too and there’s is no interval training at all…

  4. What about adding the functionality to repeat intervals until you stop it… For example if you wanted to do a low intensity for 1 minute followed by a medium intensity for 10 minutes until you reached a certain distance. Instead of guessing how many intervals it may take to complete.

  5. Any way interval training is coming to the windows phone app as well? Right now I can’t run endomondo in the background and an interval app at the same time since endomondo will not track.

  6. hi,

    where can I do my 2 request?
    Can i do here? thanks

    1. more then 3 interval in interval training (5?)
    2. create a train by an external gpx. file



  7. Hello, I used interval training and it was great. Except that, even online I want to see my lap times, and it does not record the laps by time and your speed by lap. It still registered my laps as 1km.

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