New App Features For Windows Phone

News Release: Friend Feeds, Music Playlists and Live Tiles Now on the App for Windows Phone

Endomondo Sports Tracker turns the mobile phone into a full-fledged personal trainer and a social fitness partner. By leveraging Live Tiles and other features in Windows Phone 7.5, the latest version of Endomondo Sports Tracker gives fitness enthusiasts even more options for interactive, social workouts that are key to getting and staying active.

To create this updated version of Endomondo Sports Tracker, Endomondo doubled its Windows Phone development staff. In addition to existing features, such as audio performance feedback, a highly intuitive user interface, calorie tracking, route maps and the ability to have friends send pep talks in real-time, the latest version of the app, optimized for Windows Phone 7.5, now features:

  • Live Tiles that provide instant, convenient access to workout histories and News Feed updates from friends who use Endomondo Sports Tracker.
  • A Newsfeed with the latest workouts and activities by friends and ability to comment on each of them.
  • User-created music playlists for each workout to provide additional motivation and keep each activity fresh.
  • The ability to share selected workouts on Facebook or set up auto-sharing of all workouts.

“Live Tiles are one of the many features that make Windows Phone an ideal platform for making exercise more fun, motivating and social,” said Mette Lykke, Endomondo co-founder. “We offer users two different Live Tiles. One will show the latest workouts done by your friends and it’s a great way to stay updated on your friends’ most recent activities without having to enter the app. The other will show your own latest workout as well as your total history for the current month. That works as a nice reminder on your home screen to get out and free some endorphins.”

“Windows Phone is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games like Endomondo,” said Todd Brix, senior director, Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp. “With its use of Live Tiles, ability to share workouts on Facebook and share user created playlists for motivation, Endomondo takes full advantage of Windows Phone’s unique features and design and is a great example of the kind of rich applications that people will find on Windows Phone Marketplace,” he continued.

Endomondo Sports Tracker also is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and other devices. Endomondo’s cross-platform design makes it easy for users to turn workouts into a social activity, providing the additional motivation, interactivity and fun that are key for maintaining an active lifestyle.

About Endomondo:
Founded in 2007 by team of fitness fanatics, Endomondo turns mobile devices into full-fledged personal trainers and connects users to a vibrant social fitness network where people can support, motivate and challenge each other and share results.  The Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app, which utilizes GPS technology, records a full history of workouts and can be used for any distance-based sport.  Additionally, the website provides users with a personal portal — incorporating performance tracking tools, an extensive atlas of exercise routes around the world, connection to the Endomondo community, and more.   Available on seven mobile platforms (iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Phone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java), Endomondo operates on almost all GPS phones. For more information, please visit and follow @Endomondo on Twitter.

Media Contacts:
Jackie Lapin, for Endomondo
(818) 707-1473

Mette Lykke, Co-founder of Endomondo
(415) 335-2623

58 thoughts on “New App Features For Windows Phone

  1. I have Lumia 820 (and laptop on windows 8), in last month (April2014) can’t get laptop to pull my stats from windowsphone onto laptop. All my workouts, training sessions just say “upload pending”, why has this happened?

  2. Hi I have been using endomondo pro for about a year now. I have just changed from a Symbian phone to a wp8 phone and I cant get the hrm to connect. Does endomondo support a hrm on wp8? If so how do I connect from the live tile? If not do you know when this will be available on wp8? Thank you.

    1. Could Endo please advise if they intend on updating their WP app or offering a pro version. Seems like they are just ios and android now.

      1. Has anybody out there ever managed to receive a response from Endo customer service? I give up now, gonna have to switch I think. Have about 3 or more years of workouts to try and export over to runtastic. Great fun.

  3. Looks like my 4 years or so of endo pro use will be coming to an end as the app on my Nokia Lumia 1020 is way out of date and if WP development is on hold I will move elsewhere. Wish endo would up the customer support.

  4. Hey guys. Just got this reply, where i asked if they were developing a WP8 pro app: Endomondo: Hi Martin, we have currently put a WP8 development on hold, thanks for understanding. Cheers

  5. Hi,
    I am using your app on Android device before. Beside some minor issues i was fine with the app. Now I change to windows phone. The feature I miss most is the interval training. Unfortunately this is na major way to train. Do you plan to integrated this for WP 8 ?

  6. I don’t know what features are missing–I love my WP Endomondo app, and I actually like the layout better than the iOS layout. If you’re desperate for iOS apps but don’t want an iPhone, just buy a used iPod on eBay, and you’ll be able to use all the apps. If you’re away from wi-fi and want to use the iPod, just use your Windows Phone as a wi-fi hotspot (if your plan supports that). I bought an iPod for an app I needed for business. I also now use it as my podcast player and love it. I paid about $100 for an iPod 4th Gen on eBay.

    1. Well, the interval feature would be awesome to have on my WP.
      I never used an Apple product, and will not carry another gadget during my workouts.
      The WP is so close to be that “one” gadget that full fills all my needs.

  7. As we all can see, ENDOMONDO apparently has decided NOT to support Windowsphone. Totally ignoring the growing market, windowsphone users are forced to look for other apps or just use ex. Garmin. Come on Endomondo, how hard cant it be? Give us the same features as android.

  8. Gotta love the speed at which they reply to all of the customers on this tread practically begging for additional features! I’m shopping around for an app that will fulfill my needs but given the response time and lack of concern for end users requests for this app, despite the fact that the app does look nice, I would never choose to go with it, I have no patience for this level of disregard from a company.

  9. First Thanks for the Great Endomondo WP App … but … if the functions are going to be behind the Android functions, I will move to another Service like runtastic.

    Please Think a few seconds on it. We all will pay for it!!!
    WP-Users are no kiddies, we are serious and there is no Problem in paying 20$ for an excellent App!
    If you have Problems getting things done in a Little time, think about a campain like Kickstarter to get Money first and then get something great done in just a month or so.

    Think about it.


  10. I just got my new Nokia Lumia 820 and wanted to use heart rate monitor (like I use for Android, there I bought a Premium App) Really sad, you don’t implement it in WP8 App. If this will never come to endomondo I will change to an other App. Really sad, cause I like Endomondo very much and I was thinking to buy the Premium Account for the Website, to use hearrate-zones.
    (runtastic is able for this, really sad)

    1. Same, Endo Premium back on Android, upgraded to a modern OS with a Lumia 810, only to find nothing but a free Endo app stripped of features that doesn’t support my Zephyr heart rate monitor…

  11. Hello Endomondo!

    I’m testing Endomondo now on my Nokia Lumia 920; I come from the iPhone where I used Cyclemeter. I do like the online and Windows 8 app of Endomondo a lot, but would appreciate an improved app on Windows Phone. E.g. viewing all workouts instead of the one recorded on the Phone, viewing the route map etc. Can we expect anything on short term on the Windows Phone platform? Thanks!

  12. Hello, thx for the awesome app, I’ve been using it on Android for a long time. Now I have WP8 phone but for some reason I cannot connect my Polar bluetooth heart rate belt to the app. Is this functionality coming to the WP8 version as well?

      1. It would be great, it would works with Bluetooth, why everything for iPhone or android?? Not cool!!!!

      2. Seems that users of WP7.5 have been left out of all updates and cool stuff found in other OS. Sad.

  13. Hello Endomondo :)

    I hope there will be a pro version of the WP7/8 app. Are you working on that or is it idle? Give us some feedback plz, there are new apps coming to the windows phone platform that are better than the endo app right now…

  14. Hi, will Endomondo for Windows Phone include an “offline mode” in the future, so that it doesn’t upload your workouts while you exercise, but after you complete the workout you click on Upload like on the Symbian version. The reason is that Endomondo is draining the battery very quickly as it keeps the 3G/3.5G data connection active during the workout.

    1. Guy, I’d like to know the answer to this as well! In the meantime, I’m at least thrilled about coming across Endomondo, and so happy it’s on my Windows Phone! …but yes, Pro would be even better!!

  15. Hi,
    I have decided to buy Nokia Lumia 610. Can someone tell if Endomondo works on this phone. I will not go for this phone if Endomondo is not compliant with it. Support appreciated. Thanks.

  16. very good on windows phone but still impossible to create a road book and record it on the phone. lt’s only possible on blackberry.

  17. Just switched from Runkeeper who has dropped the development of their WP7 app and I’m looking forward to test Endomondo! Thanks for improving your app on WP7 !

  18. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the information. But, I had encountered on “runtastic’s” HRM support for Windows Phone. I am not sure how it is supported but it seems they do support it.

    -Thank you.

  19. After looking into the Windows Phone SDK, looks like it is currently impossible for Endomondo to provide support for a heart rate monitor, as WP7 has very poor and basic bluetooth stack. There is no support for SPP, Serial Port Profile, which is required to communicate with the heart rate monitor. Theres potential Nokia may be putting pressure on Microsoft to enhance its bluetooth stack, but its likely the earliest this will be included on any Windows Phone is when Windows Phone 8 Apollo launches, and thats still pretty far away.

  20. Hi,

    Thanks for the Windows Phone7 upgrades. Would much appreciate if it supports a heart rate monitor. Many thanks.

  21. Endomondo user on android for awhile now. Just picked up a Nokia Lumia 900. I am also an owner of a Zephyr HXM heart rate monitor, which I was using with the android version. Any chance of getting heart rate monitor support in a future version on windows phone?

  22. Hi,
    Could you please give a tutorial about to create a playlist on wp7? I tried justo to play the music button, but it plays only one music.
    Djalmir, from Brasil.

  23. If you talk on the phone, or need to type a text, Endomondo keeps running, and the timer keeps counting up – but the gps does not update during the period when endomondo is not in focus.

    1. Hi, I’m not an expert in this app but I am a Windows Phone developer. The problem is that WP7 doesn’t fully support ‘real’ multitasking yet. When you switch between apps (answering a call etc..), the phone actually shuts Endomondo down. This includes terminating the GPS capture for that app as well. When you switch back to Endomondo, the app is restored to make it look like it’s been running all along but in fact it hasn’t. As such, the GPS capture data will have a gap in it corresponding to the time you navigated away from the app.

      1. It seems to be stop recording gps info even on nokia 920 win8 when losing focus. My bad performance was even worse thanks to rain drop wanting to use bing search

  24. Hello!

    The endomondo update for Windows Phone was astonishing but…and there is always a “but”, how can users delete a workout from history?

    Greetings from Portugal :)

    1. Hi Tiago, greetings from San Francisco :)

      Thanks for your feedback, we unfortunately don’t have that option on the Windows Phone update just yet. We’re working on it and it’s coming soon!

      1. is the update to delete workouts available yet? still don’t seem to be able to delete workouts on my windows phone…

    2. Yeah, I am also waiting for the delete workout function. I forgot to pause my workout when hurrying walking to catch a public transport. The speed and distance the public transport traveled got recorded in the workout. It’s not valid for a challenge i am joining, but i have no idea how to delete it. Someone please help. I am using blackberry 9320. Thanks.

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