Heart rate monitoring launch

Long ago, we stopped counting the number of you guys who have asked us to include heart rate monitor integration. Well….now it’s here!

Today, we are extremely excited to introduce you to our new heart rate monitoring feature! From now on, you can integrate your Zephyr Bluetooth heart rate belt with the Endomondo app enabling you to train with heart rate monitoring for the first time. We launch this feature for Android phones only version 2.0 and onwards to begin with, but don’t worry we will add other mobile platforms as well as other heart rate monitor brands as we go on. We’ll make sure to keep you guys in the loop.

To get the heart rate belt, go here. Remember to use “endomondo” as the coupon code to get a 5$ discount.

Enjoy it!


One thought on “Heart rate monitoring launch

  1. Dear all I have just bought a polar bluetooth device. On the endomondo’screen I can see an icon, it seems like a batery.. can you explain me what that icon is? Many thanks Luis Silva

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