Pep Talks Make You Smile


Every feature on Endomondo is meant to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. Stats, training plans, audio coach…each has its own merits and we love hearing that you enjoy working out with them. There is one feature which we think doesn’t get enough attention, even though every time you get one, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. We’re talking about pep talks. For those of you who haven’t tried them out yet, pep talks are motivating, real-time messages read out loud to the person you send them to while they’re working out. Sending one is easy. All you have to do is go to your news feed and see which one of your Endomondo friends is currently tracking an activity. Then, type in your message which they’ll hear through their speaker (and have it posted as text on their workout too). If you could use some help figuring out how to send pep talks or are looking to learn more about them, check our our pep talk feature guide. Continue reading Pep Talks Make You Smile

Best 2015 Fitness “Horror” Story

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Last week, we asked you to share your spookiest fitness story with us, and we received quite a few entries that have made more than one of us think twice about running on that dark trail and pack some more lights when we head out. Though picking a winner from the bunch was a challenge, we decided that this story by our user Dan Asquith, which we’ve dubbed “A Thrash in the Night”, was the one that gave us the most goosebumps. Here is his tale of an unusually eerie run: Continue reading Best 2015 Fitness “Horror” Story

Why Runners Need Carbs

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Why runners need carbs – by Trinh Le, MPH, RD

You are a runner. You’re lacing up your new neon shoes, pounding the pavement and breezing past pedestrians. Sweat bands, water bottle, playlist, keys—you have all the essentials. But did you remember to get your carbs in today? Yes, they’ve gotten a lot of flack lately, but carbohydrates can be the most important nutrient on tough training days so it’s time to give those carbs the love they deserve! Here’s the low-down on how your body fuels up and uses carbohydrates for energy.

Carbs propel you to the finish line! Carbohydrates, specifically glucose, keep you going during a run. Glucose is converted into energy that contracts exercising muscles—the faster and longer you run the more glucose you use up! Key things to know about glucose: Continue reading Why Runners Need Carbs

What’s Your Best Halloween-Themed Fitness Story?


Let’s face it. At some point in the pursuit of our fitness goals, most of us have had at least one less-than-memorable experience. Maybe it was that time you spontaneously signed up for a race when you hadn’t run in weeks that made you walk funny for days. Or maybe it was that night you witnessed a zombie tarantula come back from the dead while riding your bike home. It might even have been that time you ran past your doppelganger while on your morning jog. Even if that experience didn’t seem all that amazing when it happened, a story is usually better in retrospect. And with Halloween right around the corner, we think it’s a perfect time to share those weird fitness stories.

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How Many Rest Days Do You Really Need?

rechargeWhile we always encourage you to get your daily dose of endorphins, it’s also important to rest and recover properly. But how long you actually need to rest in between workouts is a subject that has long been up for debate. Taking a long break (we’re talking about a week or more) has been shown to significantly affect your fitness gains, but short recovery periods are necessary to both prevent injuries and to keep yourself in good shape. Still, that shorter break varies from person to person and from activity types too. So, if you’re looking to hone in on your best bet for improving your recovery time, keep reading and see if you think these options work for you. Continue reading How Many Rest Days Do You Really Need?

The Insider’s Guide to…CrossFit Lingo


There is definitely a group of athletes out there who take their terminology seriously – the CrossFit crowd. Devotees of this discipline have a long list of lingo which would make listening in on one of their post-session conversations sound foreign to those who aren’t “in the know”. Incorporating CrossFit into your run training is a great way to mix it up and improve your overall performance. But before you head to your local gym to sign up, prepare yourself with our favorite CrossFit terms and phrases. Continue reading The Insider’s Guide to…CrossFit Lingo

How to Stop a Side Stitch ASAP

run_greatThere are plenty of things that can make you pause your run, but if there’s one thing that is sure to stop you right in your tracks – it’s a pain in the abs! Avoiding pain and injuries should be on the top of your workout priorities, so be sure to read on to find out how to prevent the onset of a side stitch. Continue reading How to Stop a Side Stitch ASAP

Can Coffee Help Make Your Workouts Better?

EndochinoWho doesn’t love a cup of coffee to kick start the day, or before a morning run, or after? For many, the day hasn’t officially started before we’ve had our first cup – and some of us are downright scary if we don’t get that coffee kick! Well, it just might be that the caffeine jolt isn’t the only thing that your cup of joe is affecting. As it turns out, coffee may just be able to boost your workouts as well as your energy. Here are some of the ways it could improve your next session. Continue reading Can Coffee Help Make Your Workouts Better?

The Best Warm-Up Routine for Walkers and Runners

W_SS15Run_141030_6257Whether you are a walker or jogger, one of the best ways to prep your body for your workout is to perform the movement you are about to do at a slower, gradual pace. But, in addition to slowly easing into the first 5–10 minutes of your run (or walk), there are a few exercises you can include during your warm-up that might help you reduce your risk of injury—and even boost your overall performance once you hit the road. (And, after you are done, be sure to check out these 6 Seated Yoga Stretches for Walkers and Runners to wind down with a proper stretch as well.) Continue reading The Best Warm-Up Routine for Walkers and Runners

17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery


Having a day where no matter which way you move, you hurt? Whether you’re an occasional runner or gym fanatic, you should consider recovery an essential part of your healthy lifestyle. But instead of just dealing with the fatigue and soreness, try one of these science-backed tips to help your body feel better, faster.
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