5 Awesome Endorphin-Boosting Foods


Though you can probably guess our favorite way to get our daily endorphin boost, there are certain foods that can improve your mood in between workouts thanks to their happiness-inducing properties, which trigger the release of mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain. Here are our top five picks and the reasons why you should add them to your diet. Continue reading 5 Awesome Endorphin-Boosting Foods

4 Habits Of Healthy People

Learning about the common habits of healthy people can be a particularly motivational experience, even for people who are already living an active lifestyle. Sometimes these extra reminders can be just the boost that we need to get back on track or even encourage us to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

It’s generally pretty easy to spot someone that is living a healthy life and it’s usually pretty admirable—they seem to smile a little brighter, they always appear to be happy, and they are constantly on-the-go and productive. Learn about four of the most common habits that these people have mastered and how you can emulate these to improve and build upon your own fitness regimen. Continue reading 4 Habits Of Healthy People

This Is How JoAnne Regained Her Motivation

How do you find the motivation to get active after life takes you off track? Well, for one of our users, the answer came from thanks to some encouragement from a true friend, the allure of stats, and power of setting a goal. JoAnne found herself back in her zone after years of leaving her love of competition behind to focus on raising a family. If you can relate or could use some inspiration to stay motivated, then read on to see how she reignited her passion and is now on her way to tackle new challenges. Continue reading This Is How JoAnne Regained Her Motivation

Likes Make Your Workouts Better

socialworkoutsConsider the following quote: “Nothing is better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you and your friends beside you.” Does it ring true for you? If that’s the case, then you’re probably already getting fit with your friends.

But even if you’re not the type to call up or text a friend every time you head out for a run or to the gym, it’s always nice to see that like on your workout after you’ve done it, right? Don’t just take our word for it. Research into this subject has proven that having friends is good for your overall health and fitness. First off, not only does staying connected with friends help keep depression at bay, it also promotes a healthy heart. Yet another study shows that your performance actually gets a boost from training with a friend, confirming that healthy competition is not a contradiction – it’s a fact. Friends will also help keep you accountable, since we’re more likely to stick with our commitments when we make them in front of others. To add some more accountability and motivation to those goals, check out this post about our Commitments feature and add some motivators! Continue reading Likes Make Your Workouts Better

Fuel Up Pre- & Post-Run with These Meals & Snacks

Running on an empty stomach isn’t for everyone—especially when the training plan calls for major effort with distance, speed, or both! But lacing up with a full tummy isn’t exactly a recipe for success either. “You want to make sure you have enough fuel in the tank to get through your workout, but not so much that it leads to GI distress,” says recent marathoner and MyFitnessPal registered dietitian Elle Penner, M.P.H, R.D. Here are her tips for pre- and post- run fueling. Continue reading Fuel Up Pre- & Post-Run with These Meals & Snacks

The Perks of Being a Challenge Winner

Getting fit is a reward in itself. Still, when you’re already doing something good for yourself,  it doesn’t hurt to sweeten the pot by having a little extra incentive, like getting an amazing prize for your efforts. A sponsor of one of our featured challenges, Spies (a Danish travel agency), sent one lucky winner on a 1-week training camp in sunny Numa Beach in Alanya, Turkey. We caught up with Michelle after she came back from her trip and asked her to fill us in on what it was like to win the challenge and share her experience in Turkey. Continue reading The Perks of Being a Challenge Winner

2015 Roundup: Best Tour de France Nicknames

The Tour de France is renowned for the excitement it stirs up among all the fans that tune in worldwide to follow the race. We’re fans of these athletes thanks to their passion and dedication to the sport, and we’re not alone, since this is one of the world’s largest sporting events with millions of fans cheering from the sidelines.

Aside from all the high stakes athleticism and adrenaline flowing in the peloton, there’s a less serious side to the Tour de France. Many of the big names in the Tour are given nicknames by their fans based on their personality, riding style or even past races. If you’re following the race, we want to help make it a little easier to keep up with all the crazy aliases of the top riders and favorites of this year’s event. Continue reading 2015 Roundup: Best Tour de France Nicknames

Start Exploring Your New Workout Page

Over the past months, we’ve been on a mission – to revamp our workout page by making it better than ever, and able to meet the needs of our growing community. A few weeks back, we started rolling out the updated workout page, and got a lot of good feedback from our community, so thanks! We took in all the feedback you sent us and got to work. Now, we’d like to invite you to be among the first to try your new workout page, so you can share your thoughts on it before we roll it out to everyone.

This was the first major redesign we’ve done on web in a long time and this means that there were a lot of adjustments to be made both to the design and to the system. Our goal is to make it easy and engaging for you to analyze your performance on every workout, and get a true sense of your achievements and progress whenever you visit your page regardless of whether you’re on mobile, tablet or desktop. With so many of you (and your friends) visiting the page from mobile and social, we wanted to make sure your achievements are always front and center.

To get a feel for what’s new, check out the highlights of the vibrant new design. Continue reading Start Exploring Your New Workout Page

Who Is the Coolest Person on Endomondo?

With over 22 million Endomondo members freeing their endorphins all over the world, there were bound to be plenty of cool people. So, how would you figure out who among them is the coolest? Well, one intrepid user decided to challenge them all to settle this with her community challenge. Her name is Haajar (aka the “Endo Fairy”), and not only is she a very cool Endomondo user, she is the creator of the “Coolest Person on Endomondo” challenge, among others. We wanted to know more about what it takes to win eternal coolness (since, honestly, who wouldn’t want to brag about that?) so we asked her. If you want to know the answer to this too, read on! Continue reading Who Is the Coolest Person on Endomondo?

Steven, a Father Running for a Noble Goal

As a new parent, there’s probably nothing more alarming than having your child become sick and not being able to figure out why. Early this year, one of our users and proud parent, Steven, experienced just that. Without warning, Steven’s 10-week-old daughter Jasmine started having cold-like symptoms. He and his partner Tanja rushed her to their local hospital where she stayed overnight with what seemed to be a severe cold. Worried something more serious was going on, Steven started researching his daughter’s symptoms and decided to seek a second opinion.

Continue reading Steven, a Father Running for a Noble Goal