Running For Change: 312,000 Small Steps To Change 100 Lives

KieranGuest post by Kieran Alger

Thousands of runners across the planet are right now putting in the final preparations for the upcoming series of Spring marathons. From London to Boston, via Barcelona and Copenhagen, the Endomondo training miles are being logged, kit is being sorted and personal goals are being set. I’m one of those runners but I’m preparing for a marathon challenge with a difference. In less than two weeks I will attempt to run eight marathons in 20 days on three continents.

Starting on 5 April, I’ll tackle the brutal Sahara Desert Ultra, the Marathon des Sables. More than 156 miles, carrying up to 8.5kg, in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius up and down sand dune mountains. If I survive that I then fly to America for the Boston Marathon before finally coming back to the UK for the Virgin Money London Marathon, where I’ll finish my challenge on the Mall in front of my friends and family.

It’s over 208 miles in less than three weeks and potentially more than 50 hours of running.

So what craziness makes someone decide to take on a marathon mission like that? To be honest I’ve been asking myself that question more and more frequently as I edge closer to the challenge. The answer is quite simple. Continue reading Running For Change: 312,000 Small Steps To Change 100 Lives

Our Inspired Poetic Members Show Their Skills

toppoemsLast week, we asked you to connect with your inner poet and share your best fitness-themed poems. We received quite a few great ones, which made us realize just how multifaceted our users really are! Though it was tough to choose just three fitness poet laureates from the bunch, we decided that the following three poems deserved the honor of “Best Fitness Poems” for our World Poetry Day competition this year. Continue reading Our Inspired Poetic Members Show Their Skills

A Perfect Pre-Workout Endo Green Smoothie

smoothieGotta love Green Smoothies, right? There’s something so comforting in knowing you can easily whip up a glassful of goodness to fuel your workouts with nutritious, tasty ingredients. We’ve decided to make our own spin on a classic Green Smoothie recipe. Here’s the recipe and directions to make your very own Endo Green Smoothie: Continue reading A Perfect Pre-Workout Endo Green Smoothie

A Smartwatch App That Stands Alone

Android wear standalone

Android Wear fans, you asked and we listened. We are thrilled to introduce our very first standalone app for Android Wear!  Our standalone app for the Sony Smartwatch 3 lets you enjoy the benefits of Android Wear and Endomondo together at last.

Equipped with the app and your Smartwatch, you can leave your phone at home when you work out, so you can have a phone-free experience and free your endorphins like never before. All you need to do is to connect your phone with the Smartwatch and make sure you are using the Free version of Endomondo on your phone. (A note to our PRO users: when you download the Free version and log in with the account associated with your PRO app, all your PRO features will be automatically unlocked). Continue reading A Smartwatch App That Stands Alone

Share Your Commitments With Friends

commitmentsupdatenewLast month, we wanted to help you stick to your resolutions by making a commitment to yourself. We got a lot of great feedback on the release of our Commitments feature, which lets you set a weekly fitness goal and follow the progress made towards it. If you missed our how-to post, you can check it out here. We’ve now added some of your suggestions to our Android 10.7 and iOS 9.7 updates to help improve how you commit to your goals, no matter what they are. Maybe your main fitness goal is to run faster or to get in better shape. Depending on where you start off from, it can seem like it will take forever to get there. That’s why breaking it down into smaller, accessible goals will help you realize the real progress you’re making. With Commitments, you can find your motivation in reaching a goal each week, and pat yourself on the back for those milestones you hit along the way towards your overall fitness goal. Speaking of which, remember to reward yourself for those fitness feats, because you’ve earned it!

Keeping yourself in check is great, but we want to help make it more fun and social by getting your friends in on it too. A group of supportive friends cheering you on as you reach your goals every week will not only help keep you motivated, it will help keep you accountable.  So, how do you go about enlisting the support of your friends for your Commitments? Easy, since we’ve just added “Motivators” to your Commitments. Your Motivators are the people you want to help keep you motivated you on your Commitment goals. All you have to do is choose who you want to be your personal Motivator and share your Commitment with that person – or people, if you’re feeling more lively. You can invite your friends on Endomondo, or if they’re not on the app yet, through email or text message.

Once they accept your motivating invitation, those selected friends will be able to comment on your Commitment and add their feedback on your fitness with the help of some neat smileys and helpful comments. By the way, did you know that emoticons can help improve your well-being? We’re not ones to go against scientifically-backed facts, so here’s to your health! Aside from the encouragement given by your chosen motivators, you’ll also be getting a few fun notifications throughout the week to remind you of your progress, and if you’re slacking, to help get you back on track.

We hope you enjoy staying committed to your goals with Commitments, and with the fresh social features we’ve just added.

Free your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

Why We’re Merging Our PRO and Free Android Apps

To make progress, there has to be change, and this belief is what ensures we keep innovating with our app. Ever since we launched our PRO version in 2010, we’ve been working hard to keep updating it, as well as our Free app and our Premium feature set. Our focus is now, and has always been, to offer you the best features and most optimized experience each time you use Endomondo. In order to to that, we are simplifying our user experience by merging our PRO and free apps on Android into one. This means that after the 10.7. release, the PRO app will no longer be updated with new features. If you are currently using our PRO app, we kindly ask that you download and use our Free app from now on. Continue reading Why We’re Merging Our PRO and Free Android Apps

Get Your Endorphin Boost Indoors

gym workoutsFine, so you’re not the outdoorsy type. So what?  There are plenty of ways to embrace a fit lifestyle that don’t include hitting the road. Whether you dread the thought of working out outdoors, or if you’re simply finding your local gym irresistible lately, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep track of your fitness while you are doing your thing on your favorite indoor workout. Your app is designed to help you not only track all your workouts, but to keep a log of your activity and goals, and get props from you friends when you get fit. So why not get the most out of your Endomondo app, regardless of where your latest sweat session takes place? Take it with you on your next elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike or any other indoor workout and keep tracking all those hard earned brownie points! Continue reading Get Your Endorphin Boost Indoors

Endomondo Joins Under Armour; Continues Operating as Endomondo

Mette Lykke
Photo credit: Les Kaner

Today, we have some really exciting news that we’re thrilled to share with you. After years of working towards making Endomondo a connected network where fitness is a fun, social and engaging experience, we will now form part of an even greater team to take that experience further. Our team will now be powered by Under Armour, the originator of performance apparel and a global brand that remains at the forefront of sports performance innovation. We’re going to continue to develop Endomondo under our current brand and our team couldn’t be more excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead, for us and for our users. Continue reading Endomondo Joins Under Armour; Continues Operating as Endomondo

10 Questions with Ture – Our Adventurous Product Whisperer

TureIf you’re a fan of our app and social channels, chances are you’ve seen the face of the person responsible for keeping our features on point, and making sure we keep innovating to offer the very best to our users.  Meet Ture, our VP of Product. Aside from being a runner, mountain biker and outdoor adventure fan, he’s also a ski instructor. He knows what drives him to get active, so his passion for our Product push him to discover innovative ways to develop Endomondo.

We sat down with him to ask some questions about what motivates him. Continue reading 10 Questions with Ture – Our Adventurous Product Whisperer